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[12.12 Sale] Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook, an incredible agenda for only $11.59

Today we will dedicate ourselves to a product that manages to excel quite well when it comes to immerse ourselves in an elegant and refined environment, which perfectly complements our office accessories and is that although they are not of vital importance we must add that they offer us a plus that without place will doubtless fall in love with more than one. So today’s appointment is justified for the agendas, those beautiful notebooks that release that positive energy that helps us collect all the information we want, whether or not relevant, and that last is up to each person, but we have to append an incredible exponent of them, the FPlife Creative Notebook  is an agenda that comes with fingerprint sensorInnovative, no? Now the next one in the list is shaping up as a dream choice, the Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook is an agenda that comes to us with a heart attack discount.

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook Introduction

Xiaomi PU Leather Notebook Cover: Design

The Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook boasts a style that exceeds simplicity, since being an agenda that in theory will accompany us to the most important meetings should highlight its elegance, a key feature that knows very well how to capture. It is available in 2 colors, black and white, both delight us with a wonderful contrast that literally combines with any suit that we wear, so it will definitely be part of our dress. This agenda is made of leather,  being quite pleasant to the touch, apart from the fact that it also offers us the greater resistance.

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook design

This agenda has a black colored link for both the white and black version, it serves to keep it closed, applying the necessary pressure so that it does not open, apart from leaving marks on the lid. Finally we can mark the pages with a black silk ribbon and it acts as a marker, although we also have a somewhat different method for the latter, which we will go into later.

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook design

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook: Pages

The Xiaomi PU Leather Notebook Cover comes with a set of pages that break all the schemes and many will wonder how can you offer us something different?The answer is simple, they are not made with wood as a base and as many will know, the sheets of paper are created with the trees, so by using this agenda we not only have very fluid pages to write, but we also support to the environment.

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook pages

Xiaomi PU Leather Notebook Cover: Decals

The Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook comes with a sticker kit that we can use to mark or separate pages, they offer us fun icons referring to various activities, such as a drink, which can indicate a restoration, we also have one with the picture of a dumbbell, we can simply use it to mark the address or number of a gym. In general, there are many options and they are perfect for all tastes and colors.

Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can buy the  Xiaomi PU Leather Cover Notebook in Gearbest with an incredible 25% discount, so the final price will be only $ 11.59… Like any offer, it has a time limit, so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Then we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:

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