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Battery monster DOOGEE BL7000 launched in DX, and freebies giveaway

DOOGEE unveiled its latest big battery smartphone as Doogee BL7000, which is also called as battery monster for the massive 7060mAh battery. Now the popular business style device is launching in, and holding a giveaway and refund event to celebrate the successful launch.


DOOGEE BL7000 is the business style phone unveiled last month, featuring 7060mAh battery. It is almost the only one smartphone with this volume of the battery. It is also the only one smartphone that comes with Samsung 13.0MP camera on both the front and the back. The two features make it outstanding in markets now. Besides, the business style in body design—leather back cover and matte metal frame combined, is quite unique and satisfy certain needs in the market.

Review of DOOGEE BL7000

Now here is the best chance to buy BL7000 in DX. The launch event comes with BL7000 giveaway every day, and $100 refund randomly. It means that everyone buys a BL7000 now got a chance of winning. Also, DX offers 100% refund to random orders of BL7000 every day.

The launch price of BL7000 is attractive with $159.99. Meanwhile, other products of DOOGEE get quite low discounts. For example, BL5000 is sold at $149.99, DOOGEE MIX is sold starting at $169.99 with phone case and protective film bundled. The whole launch event lasts for 2 weeks.

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