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Best Make Xiaomi Mi Box review You Will Read This Year (in 2018)

Remember, in olden days the best source of entertainment was TV. With the constant development of technology, smart tv’s with more compatible features came into existence. In addition to that, Android TV has a new member joining its ranking in 2018. Specially designed by Google, this consists of a JBL bar link.  Which acts as a sound bar from JBL that offers Android TV, 4k pass through and Google Assistant in one convenient package.As the propagation of digital streaming increases locally. This is the excellent time to cut the chords and use these particular streaming devices with your TV. In order to enjoy our experience of new technology, Xiaomi has officially launched the Xiaomi  MI Box.

This MI Box provides unique features, which helps to turn your traditional tv. LCD Monitor into an intelligent platform, just like our smartphones. Even though there is half-dozen of other smart TV platforms out these days like the Apple TV has Apple software, LG has webOS 3.5 and Samsung has Tizen. However, what sets MI Box apart from the competition is the price at which this device is sold in the market, just for $69.

Xiaomi Mi Box 3

Xiaomi Mi Box: Design and Construction

IIf you are looking for a smaller streaming box, which ultimately gets fit into small space of your bedroom. There go MI 4 Box device launched by Xiaomi to solve your problem. The Xiaomi MI Box 4k design is surprisingly minimal, running four inches (101 mm) wide and deep. With diminishing it’s thickness to a quarter-inch. It also comes with some robust technical specifications such as a 2.0 GHz quad- processor, 2GB RAM, 8GB of storage and an 802.11ac Wi-Fi.


The MI 4 box comes along with a very faint white LED on the front, to let you know that the device is in use. It runs on an operating system that supports Android 7.0. And also designed to run on a remote control operating device.
In addition to that, they are plugs for power, an HDMI port, a mini Toslink in order to connect the older audio system. It is also equipped with single USB 2.0 port, which helps to increase the device’s storage or for plugging in accessories. It has only countable buttons, with a set of four directional buttons accompanies by a home button, an entry key and a back button. The complete device comes with an attracting black colour.

Xiaomi Mi Box 2


The Xiaomi Mi Box  has remote control system to operate the Box from a far distance. The remote device of MI 4 box includes volume controls. Through which you can manage to set your volume max or min on your tv set and a power button to put the ox to sleep. Unlike other smart tv remotes, it has no fast forward, rewind, and pause buttons. These functions are present in the directional pad. It has a button for Google Assistant, along with a microphone attached to the remote. Which indirectly is a great feature we need nowadays, as its reduce search complications issues by typing. Instead, you can ask for recommendations for all the content provided to you in your services or library.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4

Software :

Speaking about the software system of Mi 4 Box. Take a note on the exciting features that this offers such as Curated content on the top row. Allowing to watch your favourite lists of content on top, as it has the ability to analyse the kind of content you watch. In addition to that it as Voice search via the remote, the sets you to operate the system through your voice instead of scrolling and painfully typing out the names of show you need to watch. Needless to say, it saves a lot of time. It also supports to run games on that are supportable to its operating system. Last but not least, this also has a feature of Google Assistant integration.
So what sets Mi 4 Box apart from the others? Let’s get a complete view of how the Android TV’s operating system works in MI box.


The main reason to enjoy the Xiaomi Mi 4 is that of its Chromecast Ultra feature. That helps us to move from TV to Tv having no worries to set up a new operating system. Like other Android Tv makers, Xiaomi Mi Box r recommends several sections on the home screen with some content apps. IT allows us to sideload any Android app we want and also supports popular media player software Kodi.
Beyond the physical set-up, having a hand on this device is really easy. As the MI Box users get access to Google play store, which is designed to be used on TV with no mouse or keyboard but just with a simple remote. Hence, the Xiaomi Mi 4 Box offers some mainstays, such as Netflix, Vudu, Pandora etc. This is also a fantastic portal for Google’s own media services like Google play music, youtube and other Google features

Nowadays a lot of Android Boxes comes along with Kodi and numerous guides for Fire TV. Which helps you to add the media centre Kodi. Kodi is another app that comes directly inbuilt on this device from the play store. This also helps the device to provide much content to use only by “clicking ” on the app you want. Kodi is a plan in a way such that many of the legitimate apps can be handled in many ways more suggestive than using Google play store.

Xiaomi Mi Box 5

MI games:

Due to the advancement in technology, Andriod TV comes up with applications. That support you play games on your home screen TV by just attaching these devices to your TV set. The Xiaomi Mi 4 Box also supports some of the featured games. You just have to console emulators to create your retro gaming box. Even though other Android Tv’s provides you with a lot many more features than MI 4, no product is sold as cheaper as this device.

Amazing TV Box – Beelink GS1 6K TV Box For $69.99

Pros and Cons


  • Value:  At the price of $65 Mi box is providing an excellent experience for Android TV. You can find some other cheaper design as well but the features and brand quality you will get with MI box you can get with any other company.
  • 4K Support:  IN the price segment this low only some companies are providing 4K resolution.
  •  Remote:  The remote doesn’t have many functions it simple and can be used in dark environment as well.
  • Extras: With the Mi box you will get many features like Games, Pandora, Vudu, CBS and mostly are free to use.


  • Performance:  Some 3D games we try with Mi Box got some clutter and chop.
  • Storage:  The only thing MIx Box lack behind is in terms of storage.

All killer Zero filler

The overall configuration of Xiaomi Mi Box put in a middle ground among other TV boxes available in the market.  If you are an android lover and looking for a TV box that comes in small size and loaded with games and Kodi this is the Tv box for you. With the so low price and flagbearer of MI. The only problem we got is the inconsistent performance and let down ecosystem that can be a turn off for many people.

Xiaomi Mi Box 6

Where can you buy this device?

If you are looking for a mid-range Tv box with capabilities of a premium TV box. Then this is the right time you can grab this Tv box from tomtop at just only $64.99. We will leave you the purchase links so you can order it. Do not miss this unique opportunity.



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