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Blackview A7 Pro vs Xiaomi Redmi 4X ($69.99 vs $135): Which One Is Worth Buying? (video)

Presently, affordability still makes up one of the major criteria people take into account when buying a new mobile phone. Affordable phones still remain the largest part of the mobile phone market with millions of units sold weekly. The Xiaomi Redmi 4X which was launched early this year is one of such smartphones that are selling very rapidly. This is partly due to its affordable price tag and solid premium build quality.

Apart from the Redmi 4X, Blackview has got another quality yet cheap smartphone in the A7 Pro. The Blackview A7 Pro is an upgraded version of the summer sales king A7and Blckview is out to attempt to claim the throne from Redmi 4X. If you had to choose between those two, we are sure you’d go for the Redmi 4X. But then, wait until you see their differences in the video below to help you decide.

From the parameter comparison point of view, there not a huge difference in processor, screen size, camera specifications, storage space or other appearance parameters. Below, you can see 3 points of comparison worth talking about.

1. While scrolling through apps and then run some games, the A7 Pro looks more responsive.

2. The camera has become a key feature between competitors, as the rest of the hardware is pretty powerful and similar between devices. As you can see in the video, the Redmi 4X shoots more towards warm tone while the A7 Pro gives a partially green tone. But the A7 Pro comes with a dual camera on the back.blackview a7 pro

3. Appearance: Blackview A7 Pro and Redmi 4X have the same screen size. But overall, A7 Pro’s design is sleeker and it’s more comfortable to hold in your hand, although the design is always subjective. On the other hand, A7 Pro screen has a 2.5D glass on top while the Redmi 4X has a standard 2D glass. A7 Pro comes in Champagne Gold, Chocolate Black, Cream White, and Jelly Blue (4 colors) and the Redmi 4X comes in Gold, Pink, and Black (3 colors).


Besides design and hardware specs, another important factor when choosing a smartphone is pricing. And Blackview A7 Pro wins this one hands-down. From September 19 to 23 it will cost just $69.99 while the Redmi 4X costs $108.99, that’s $40 more.

You can check out the Facebook Page of Blackview where you can win an A7 Pro. Also, head to Aliexpress if you want to buy it for just $69.99.

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