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Choosing The Right Sweeping Robot: Comparison of 9 Models

When buying a cleaning product no one is looking at the ‘smart’ prefix. It’s more important the cleaning efficiency. So when making a cleaning product, the manufacturers should focus on three things – how their product will help customers to find peace in mind, save time, and be convenience. At this moment, there are many brands of sweeping robots on the market. So it’s really dazzling when looking for a product to buy. Hope this comparison article will help you to buy the right sweeping robot that will meet all of your requirements.

There are a few selling points for any sweeping robot – design, material, workmanship, suction, and coverage. We will focus on them as well. Most of the house interiors have more or less floor-standing wires. Because there are side brushes, wheels, and suction ports at the bottom of the sweeping robot, the floor line may entangle the device or block the dust suction port. At the same time, some sweeping robots are not good enough for obstacles. When passing low obstacles such as thresholds and carpets, they are either stuck or they turn around. So not all sweeping robots will pass this test successfully. In this review, we decided to test all aspects of the maneuvering performance of all 9 sweeping robots to see who the king is.

We have chosen sweeping robots from all categories. They are the iLife X660, iRobot Roomba 980, Dr. Wei (V-BOT) T270, Dyson 360 Eye, Fiona TF-D60, Fmart X60, Proscenic 790T, 360 S6, and the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Obviously, the iRobot Roomba 980 and the Dyson 360 Eye are the top-end models and seems, they are out of the competition. There are also mainstream sweeping robots in the price range of 1200-2600 yuan ($175-262). They include the Fiona TF-D60, Fmart X60, Xiaomi Mijia, 360 S6, Proscenic 790T, and iLife X660. At last, there is an entry-level sweeping robot, Dr. Wei (V-BOT) T270, which costs less than 500 yuan ($73).

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The test is divided into three parts. The first test is done with carpets and floor mats that have a height of 30mm (small soft carpet), 20mm (hardwire carpet), and 15mm (soft velvet carpet). The second test is held by using a carpet with long edges on both sides in order to verify whether the sweeping robot can pass it normally. For the third test, we placed a network cable, a power cable, and data cable on the floor in order to verify the anti-winding capability of the sweeping robot.

What we should also know is the thickness of each sweeping robot. Let’s take a look at them from thin to thick):

Body thickness: iLife X660 – 74mm, Dr. Wei T270 – 80mm, Fmart X60 – 86mm, iRobot Roomba 980 – 91mm, Proscenic 790T – 93mm, Xiaomi Mijia – 96mm, Fiona TF-D60 – 98mm, 360 S6 – 100mm, and Dyson 360 Eye – 125mm.

Test 1

Sweeping robot1. The iRobot Roomba 980’s performance is quite eye-catching. It can pass all three carpets perfectly at one time. The speed is moderate.

Sweeping robot2. The Proscenic 790T has a satisfactory overall performance. It can drive three different types of carpets normally, and there is almost no delay. The hard carpets will be slightly stuck, but it does not affect the overall cleaning path.

Sweeping robot3. The Dyson 360 Eye differs most from the rest of the models in terms of appearance. The chassis is low and the rollers are small. But surprisingly, it can pass through three carpets smoothly. Honestly, the large carpet is made of hard material, so there is a short delay.

Sweeping robot4. The iLife X660 sweeping robot can successfully pass through three different types of carpets. But it is suspected that the carpet is recognized as a wall. So it will try to bypass it. Fortunately, it realized that’s not a wall and passed through. But the body shook.

Sweeping robot5. Although the Xiaomi Mijia sweeping robots successfully passed three carpet obstacles, there were delays in the upper and long strips of carpets.

Sweeping robot6. The 360 S6 sweeping robot is similar to the Xiaomi Mijia. When the long carpet is passed, a large amount of vibration occurs.

7. The performance of the Fmart X60 sweeping robot when passing three carpets surprised us – basically, it was easy and smooth. But unfortunately, during the ‘journey’, it was stuck in the middle of the barrier wall and carpet we set up, and there was a downtime.

Sweeping robot8. The price of the TF-D60 sweeping robot is the third in the list, but the obstacle-tolerance ability is very inconsistent with the price of 2599 yuan ($379). It can’t pass a long strip of carpet with a height of 15mm. After a lot of attempts, the large carpets barely go up. Moreover, when passing through the small carpet, there is a very obvious pause or even dangling. The overall performance is poor.

Sweeping robot9. The Dr. Wei T270 sweeping robot basically does not have any obstacle-blocking ability. Every time it stopped at the edge of the carpet. It showed the worst performance of the nine products.

Sweeping robot

Test 2

Sweeping robot

  • Although the iRobot Roomba 980 sweeping robot will bring up the carpet burrs, it passed through the carpet successfully. And there is almost no stagnation and change of direction. The performance is excellent.
  • The Proscenic 790T sweeping robot is similar to the situation encountered by the Dyson 360 Eye, which will bring up the carpet burrs and change the route of travel.
  • Due to the low chassis of the Dyson 360 Eye sweeping robot, when the carpet with long burrs is passed, the burrs are brought up at the bottom, causing the fuselage to hang up. As a result, the test failed.

Sweeping robot

  • Although the 360 S6 sweeping robot brought up a large area of carpet rug during the process of travel, due to the strong power, it was smoother when it was repeatedly passed. A large stagnation occurred only once.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner will bring up a large area of carpet rug. The fuselage is bumpy. But in the end, it could successfully break away from obstacles and continue working.
  • The iLife X660 sweeping robot performed normally. The bottom of the carpet also rolled up. Unlike other sweeping robots, it turned around and did not cross the carpet.

Sweeping robot

  • The Fmart X60 sweeping robot tried two times to pass through the carpet with the burrs, and all failed.
  • When the Fiona TF-D60 sweeping robot first traveled to the burr of the carpet, it directly clicked on the main body. After the fuselage shook many times, it failed to pass, causing the machine to stop working and performing poorly.
  • The Dr. Wei T270 sweeping robot did not have much suspense in the final obstacle detection test. The fuselage was directly stuck and suspended, and the test failed instantaneously.

Sweeping robot

Test 3

Sweeping robot

  • The anti-winding capability of the iRobot Roomba 980 is also excellent, and the travel speed is relatively agile. Though the cable is dragged off a certain distance to a certain extent, there is no entanglement or stop traveling.
  • The price of the Proscenic 790T is only 1599 yuan ($233). But the sweeping robot’s anti-winding ability is good. It can smoothly pass the area where the windings are placed.
  • The Dyson 360 Eye is able to pass through and traverse the entanglement we placed on the floor. There is basically not much stagnation. What is important is that it does not drag the entanglement away from the area and performs well.

Sweeping robot

  • The Xiaomi 1st generation sweeping robot has a good anti-winding ability. It can travel in the windings without changing the route and can clean the area where the windings are placed without entanglement.
  • The anti-winding capability of the 360 S6 sweeping robot is weak, and it can barely pass the thicker windings. But the thinner windings are directly stuck at the bottom of the machine during the test. The plug was pulled out and dragged out of the test area.
  • The anti-winding capability of the iLife X660 sweeping robot is unsatisfactory. It can start in the area covered with windings, but it is dragged by the power cord and stops when driving out of the area.

Sweeping robot

  • The performance of the Fmart X60 sweeping robot in the anti-winding test is regrettable. The first half of the performance is good. It was able to pass through all kinds of windings. But in the end, a lot of windings stuck in the bottom of the fuselage. So the tires couldn’t move.
  • The Fiona TF-D60 sweeping robot was caught in the tire by the thickest power cord when it entered the winding area. After a period of hard struggle, it finally stuck all the windings to the bottom and could not move. The anti-winding ability is extremely poor.
  • The Dr. Wei T270 sweeping robot successfully caught the unmovable bomb when it encountered the first winding, and the anti-winding test also failed.

Sweeping robot

Off-road medal list

Sweeping robot

Anti-winding medal list

Sweeping robot

Through testing, we found that the abilities of some products are not directly proportional to their price tags. The three tests of the Fiona TF-D60 sweeping robot with a price of 2599 yuan ended in failure. So the latter and the Dr. Wei T270 sweeping robot priced at 359 yuan were considered as the worst two models. All three tests, the iRobot Roomba 980 sweeping robot passed smoothly and deserved to win all the prizes.

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