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[Coupon] Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver at $38.99 {Must Have Product}

Xiaomi, who as many of you know, this company is known for innovating in a wide variety of markets and the product of this appointment is part of it, we present the Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver, a razor that points to a male audience, although this does not rule out that young ladies can enjoy it, so it will be a matter of fitness. This beauty is just coming to the market, but today we have an advance Deal that we are pleased to share with all of you.

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver: Box

The Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver comes in a white box with the following dimensions: 8.00 x 4.00 x 12.00 cm and a weight of 0.300 kg, so the transfer of it, in theory, should not be very expensive, although it should be noted that The latter will depend largely on the destination of delivery and the agency we choose. On the front we can see an image of the product, accompanied by some words written in Chinese, which we can assume is the name of it.

Arriving at the most interesting part, within it we will find only the standard to start enjoying this gem, so we should not expect anything from the other world:

  • 1x  Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x User manual in Chinese

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver: Design

The Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver comes with a design that as many already know, simulates a conservative air, so we will not see many ornaments that can saturate your image. This machine is available in a single color, black, which has a couple of tonalities, in the upper part it is darker than in the lower part, so in a way it calls a little more attention and although we could say that in personalization we are somewhat short, but in itself this type of products do not lend themselves to show us different versions of them. Its casing is made of plastic, but this last one does not deceive us, since it is of very good quality, so it will be resistant against knocks and falls, although avoiding them would be much better since in no way is it made for it.

One of the most striking factors of this razor is its compact size, which presents us with dimensions of 5.50 x 1.32 x 9.20 cm and a weight of 0.100 kg,  so it is literally pocket, so we can save it comfortably both in our pants and in our shirt, being almost imperceptible and very useful in any occasion. To begin with, we can see in the front part its high hardness steel sheets (60HRC)  made in Japan, thanks to this we can already feel calm about the quality of it. It should be noted that we are observing this part without its protector since this can be removed to clean the leaves more easily.

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

A new razor with great style

This razor seeks to innovate in different aspects, the first of which is the fact that it is rechargeable, so we will save a lot of time and money buying removable batteries, another factor to shine is its set of durable steel sheets made in Japan, so the quality of them is literally guaranteed. Its compact size has been a delight since the portability offered is delightful in every way. The only detail we could say is the lack of an IP certificate, since being a razor is prone to get wet, at least by carelessness, but without this we must be more than cautious to avoid this, but in general dyes this razor will be well received by all users who are lovers of these products.

Xiaomi Mi Home USB Rechargeable Electric Shaver

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can purchase the  Xiaomi Mi Home Electric Shaver in Gearbest for the modest sum of $38.99. So we must hurry if we want to be among the first to enjoy this gem. You can use our purchase link in case you are interested:

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