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Cubot X18 Review – Cheapest 18:9 Display Phone Offers Good Value

Cheapest Full Display Phone Cubot X18 Review. Offering new Inifinity display 18:9 like a low price Samsung S8, LG G6. Lower price than Meiigoo S8 and Homtom S8. Is X18 the budget android phone from China you want to buy? Watch my Cubot X18 Review Video below or continue reading.

Cubot x18 Review Cheapest Full Display Phone

Cubot X18 Review – Specs, Performance and Gaming

Cubot X18 is a 5.7″ Chinese phone with 18:9 IPS Display, Quad-Core 1.5 GHz, 3GB RAM/32GB Storage and 3200mAh Battery, 16MP f/2.2 Main cam, 13MP Front Cam with FLASH, Dual Micro Sim and SD Card Slot, 4G LTE with VoLTE and Android 7 Nougat.

Cubot X18 Review Thin Budget Phone

Cubot X18 Review - Back

Let’s start with the first impressions. This $100 phone comes with a changeable battery – thumbs up. Furthermore, you may use the two micro SIM slots and add more storage using the separate SD card slot.

Cubot X18 Review - Android version

Cubot X18 Review - Notification dropdown

Cubox X18 offers real 18:9 aspect ratio experience such as Samsung Galaxy S8.

The display quality of the device is very nice although it is not a bezel-less phone. Cubot X18 takes full advantage of this feature especially when it comes to social apps. Some medias though still do not offer 18:9 experience which will lead to dark cuts at the screen edges.

Cubot X18 Review - 18:9 full display

Cubot X18 Review - 18:9 full display

The phone supports 4G LTE Mode. If you are wondering if Cubot X18 works in your country, check the Band Modes it supports – Band 1, 3, 7, 8 and 20. The device is very limited in US and Canada but it will work anywhere in Europe and Asia with no problem.

Cubot X18 Review Band mode

Moving on to performance. The GPS is very good and super fast outside for the cheapest full display phone. The battery life of Cubot X18 is decent and runs around 5hrs On-Screen-Time with some gaming.

Cubot X18 Review - GPS is super fast outside

The entry-level quad-core chip and specs lead to very good RAM management. The benchmarks really do not paint the whole picture since it is an entry-level chip. As an Android 7 Nougat phone, Cubot X18 is missing some features as split-screen multitasking and screen recording. Despite that, this phone is a very good daily driver with smooth and fast experience for a $100 phone.

Cubot X18 Review - Benchmarks

When we speak about gaming on Cubot X18, this 18:9 ratio aspect display really comes in handy. Most of the games use this feature to the fullest and the experience is amazing. You may check it in my full Cubot X18 Video Review. Tests show no overheating and constant good performance while gaming.

Cubot X18 Review - Gaming

Cubot X18 Review - Gaming

Cubot X18 Camera Review

The features of the display and the low price left the developers of Cubot X18 with only one option – to put just one decent camera.

Cubot X18 Review - Camera interface

Cubot X18 Review - Camera shot

The 13MP selfie camera of Cubot X18 is with flash and even in low-light the photos are decent. The front cam video is very nice, with a good stabilization although the colours are a bit murky.

Cubot X18 Review - Selfie Camera

Cubot X18 Review - Selfie Camera with flash

The 16MP f/2.2 Main cam has good stabilization for videos as well but again the colours are a bit dull and lifeless. On the other side, the camera copes well with moving objects and with the usage of 2x and 3x digital zoom.

Cubot X18 Review - Main camera moving objects


Cubot X18 Review – CameraCubot X18 Review – Camera 2x digital zoomCubot X18 Review – Camera 3x digital zoom

On light and shady days you will get very good photos with Cubot X18 as a hundred-dollar device.

Cubot X18 Review - Camera close photo

Cubot X18 Review - Camera bright day

However, on a very sunny day or in a very low light situation the photos are overexposed. So even at this price, the main camera is barely ok.

Cubot X18 Review - Camera Low light

Cubot X18 Review - Camera night shot

Cubot X18 Pros and Cons

If you are looking for an affordable phone, with 18:9 real aspect ratio display, decent battery life, very good performance, GPS and call quality, then Cubot X18 is for you. However, some sacrifices had to be made to have all of the above. Hence, the X18 delivers a sub-par main camera, no gyroscope for 360 videos and some software features missing, but Cubot has promised to add them soon with the first OTA.

Cubot X18 Price and Alternatives

The cheapest full display phone is currently on sale from Gearbest and in-stock and you can buy it by clicking on the link below. For other budget phones with great display check out our Leagoo KIICAA Mix review. If you want the best affordabable cameras, practical design and latest android 7.1.2 phone with MIUI you must see our Redmi Note 5A review.

Cubot X18 Review - Full Display 18:9

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