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[Deal] Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – Temperature Control with App for $35 On Gearbest (Coupon Inside)

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi is top notch name when it comes to the production and development of technological products. It has a vast production line which from smartphones through home appliances to electronic toys. The most interesting feature of Xiaomi products is that it comes with a very cheap price tag and even when many believe that these products are inferior due to the price tag, they have proved to be durable. In this article, I am not writing about a smartphone, wristband or a fidget spinner, I am bringing to you, a Xiaomi kitchen appliance called “Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle” which does a lot of amazing stuff that I’m sure will interest you. We cannot deny the fact that almost every home needs an electric water kettle to take care of that coffee breakfast as well as other numerous domestic needs. As is common with Xiaomi, this is not just an ordinary water kettle, but rather it is a smart kettle which can be controlled from our smartphones. That not all, this product also comes with a stupendously cheap price tag and a coupon is included. Amazing right? Let’s now quit the preambles and delve into the details of this prestigious product which I believe will not disappoint you.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

Design Appearance

The Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle has a special design with a double 304 stainless steel inner layer for more heat and insulation. It has a 130mm/80-degree opening mouth and it weighs only 124 grams. The outer body is molded from plastic and it has a firm handle that contains the knob for opening the mouth. The upper end of the kettle is laced with stainless steel to give this product a premium looks. The Xiaomi Mi electric kettle has a 1.5 L tank and it comes with a detachable lower part which ensures that the product can be used without being connected to the electric source. This kettle is 25 cm tall and it is available in white colour.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle – What Is So Special

From all I have said so far, it appears that there is nothing special about this product and it is just like every other electric water kettle we find in the electronics market. This is where I will surprise you with some special features that will drop your jaw.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

Firstly, the Xiaomi Mi electric kettle comes with triple security protection. It prevents electric shock, ensures that there is no form of electric power leakages and also supports auto power off which means that it automatically switches off once the water comes to a boil.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

This product has a constant/accurate temperature control time up to 12 hours which implies that your water remains at a controlled temperature 12 hours after the power is cut off. It comes with a 360-degree swivel power base which provides a convenient and durable usage of this kettle.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

The Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle is a smart water heater and the water temperature can be remotely controlled via your Xiaomi smart home APP. All you need to do is connect the product to an electric source and do everything else from your smartphone. To do this, you have to put on your Bluetooth 4.0 and connect with Xiaomi Smart Home app to remote control the water temperature.

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

This product works with 220V, 1800W and a frequency of 50Hz thus unlike many water heaters that get your wall and extension sockets burnt because of high power requirements, this product requires the recommended 220V for home appliances.

The Selling Points

  •  Stainless Steel Insulated Interior
  • Tripple Security Protection
  • 12 Hour temperature Control Time
  • Works With AppCheap price

Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle

The Down Points

  •  App Control Is for Water Temperature Alone And Nothing Else

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi Electric Water Kettle

The Xiaomi Mi electric water kettle is currently on sale on Gearbest for $39.99 but you can buy this product for $35 if you use the coupon code

Coupon Code: USOL57


Please note that shipping cost will be paid for this product and it ships on Oct 16. If you are interested in this product then do well to use the link below.


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