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Download and Install Stock Android 7.0 Nougat on HTC 10 (OTA and RUU)

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The Android 7.0 Nougat firmware is finally central for a HTC 10. The Nougat OTA is now accessible in a US and will be shortly finished accessible worldwide. If we haven’t perceived a Android N presentation usually nonetheless we have a ideal solutions for you: if we name to use a discipline from down next we can manually download both a OTA and a RUU packages for your HTC 10, and of march we can safely request one of these refurbish packages on your device in sequence to refurbish to Android 7.0 Nougat right away.

Therefore, both a OTA and a full RUU firmware package can be downloaded and flashed on a HTC 10 – do note that this is accessible usually for a US indication of a already mentioned device. Since a OTA is offering in phases or gradually and given not all a users will accept their Android Nougat presentation during a same time, this step by step beam is usually perfect. Also, by regulating a RUU package we can manually peep a full firmware complement even if your HTC 10 is now tweaked.

Therefore, a lines from next can be used even if your phone is rooted, regulating on an unbarred bootloader, flashed with a tradition liberation picture and so on. In that respect, this educational can be anytime used as a primer refurbish / hillside operation – such routine can assistance we repair program associated issues on Android such as foot loops, lags, bugs, force tighten errors, battery drain, heating issues, shade freeze, vigilance strength problems, sum blackouts and lot more.

The Android 7.0 Nougat refurbish for a HTC 10 brings all that’s new in a Android height along with some extras: such as a new and softened Night Mode and a Nov confidence patch along with other fortitude improvements and bug fixes. The ROM is fast and will safeguard a well-spoken Nougat knowledge on a HTC 10 – so, from this viewpoint we unequivocally have zero to worry about.

Also, both refurbish operations that are explained during this step by step beam are central procedures upheld by HTC – therefore, we won’t remove your phone’s guaranty by selecting to resume this tutorial. In a same time, due to same considerations, we don’t have to use any unsure apparatus or routine while perplexing to peep a Android 7.0 Nougat firmware package.

However, if we are formulation in regulating a RUU file, before doing anything else we should backup your HTC 10 – even if it can occur rarely, during a designation routine your personal files competence get depraved or even wiped out. Thus, take caring of what’s critical for you: contacts, call logs, texts, images, videos, audio files, marketplace apps, internet settings, calendar info, saved passwords, a EFS folder, IMEI / NVRAM information and so on. In box we are wondering, a backup can be ensured if we name to use HTC built in cloud storage platforms, if we download and use other identical cloud storage platforms and apps from Google Play or if we sync your information with your possess Google Account.

Also, there are other things to cruise generally if we are going to use a RUU package instead of a OTA file. Here we have all we need to know:

  • The files from next contingency be saved on a mechanism or on a notebook; so make certain we can use such a device (an Internet tie is also required).
  • Your HTC 10 contingency be there too as we will have to bond your phone with your mechanism during a flashing process.
  • On your mechanism implement a HTC 10 USB drivers.
  • Moreover, on your PC implement Android SDK – if Windows is used, learn how to implement Android SDK by regulating this educational and if we use a MAC OS X / Linux afterwards use this beam instead.
  • On your HTC 10 we competence wish to turn a developer – daub 7 times on Built Number until we get a ‘you are a developer’ message. Then, check a USB debugging choice underneath “menu – settings – developer options”.
  • Charge your HTC 10 before updating to Android 7.0 Nougat either we are regulating a OTA or a RUU.
  • The charging routine is a large understanding as if a energy is too low your phone competence get incited off and during that situations program associated problems competence be released – so, usually block in a horse if a energy left is reduce than 50%.

How to Download and Install Stock Android 7.0 Nougat on HTC 10 (OTA and RUU)

Use a OTA

  1. On your mechanism download a OTA package by streamer towards this page.
  2. Save a record on your desktop if that’s possible.
  3. Now energy on your phone and bond it with your mechanism around USB cable.
  4. Select and send a OTA record from desktop to your phone’s inner storage.
  5. Then, unplug a USB cord, energy off your device and reboot liberation mode on your HTC 10.
  6. From liberation name “Apply updates from Phone storage”.
  7. Navigate to a OTA record and bucket a Android 7.0 Nougat update.
  8. Follow on shade prompts and start a refurbish process.
  9. When it is done, from categorical menu of liberation name “Reboot complement now”.

Use a RUU

  1. From your mechanism entrance this page and download a RUU package.
  2. Power on your HTC 10 and afterwards bond your phone with your mechanism with a assistance of a USB cable.
  3. If your device isn’t famous by your mechanism reinstall a USB drivers initial and afterwards repeat a process.
  4. When done, double click on a RUU.exe executable file.
  5. An refurbish sorceress will be displayed on your mechanism that will beam we by a flashing process.
  6. So, usually follow on shade prompts.
  7. When done, reboot your HTC 10.
  8. Do note that if during a final reboot your phone will get stranded in a foot loop, we will have to go to liberation mode from where we will have to make a tough reset and transparent app information cache by selecting “wipe information bureau reset” and “wipe cache partition”.

So, now we can successfully refurbish (manually) your HTC 10 to Android 7.0 Nougat OS. Do tell us how things worked for we by regulating a comments margin from down below.

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