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Essential things to consider while developing a mobile application

Given the significant growth the mobile app market has reached so far and the rapid usage of mobile apps across the globe, VironIT couldn’t agree more with the above statement.

With such upward trajectory, there is an untold pressure on mobile app developers to build the innovative and effective apps for their users. Being in the mobile app industry for so many years, we would like to list the top essential things that app developers should consider while developing a mobile application.

So let’s check out the points.


Deciding on what platform you want to launch your mobile app is one of the vital factors you need to choose well before you develop your app. Factors like in which country you would release your app, your target audiences, etc. are some of the important ones that you need to decide even before choosing the platform. For instance, if you are choosing a country like the United States of America then you certainly have to focus on iOS and Android and leave the rest because most of the smartphone users in the USA give preference to iOS and Android. End of the day, your ultimate goal of the app should be able to reach a wider audience.

Native or hybrid

Native applications are those that are developed for a specific mobile operating system such as developers use Swift or objective C for iOS apps and Java for Android apps. The native mobile applications are developed depending on the guidelines of the specific operating system. When compared to native, hybrid mobile applications are becoming more popular than ever as they can be accessed by any platform or browser. Of course, not to forget the fact that both have its own pros and cons. Nevertheless, a native mobile application not only expensive but also consumes a lot of time but its development but at the same time, it gives a better user experience.

On the other side, the hybrid mobile application is extremely cost affordable and also consumes less time but some developers prefer native applications over a hybrid. So before selecting your mobile app platform, you need to check your preferences and priorities and then choose the right platform that best suits your requirements.


Most of the mobile applications today are API driven. Of course, not every mobile app you build has to have a customized back end as well as connect to the smartphones utilizing API. At times, a local database would be sufficient to manage everything and such mobile apps do not need backend support. To build an effective mobile app, you need to analyze the requirement for a backend, take constraints into consideration such as expenses that will take to set up a backend and take a decision.


Analytics is one of the most important aspects of the mobile app development but people are not using it as much as they should. Analytics will help in understanding why there is a poor adoption ratio for your mobile application. You need to understand that executing mobile analytics relevant to your business goals will make you see a clear picture and enhance the performance of your mobile applications.

Whatever data you collect from the analytics can be utilized to enhance the user engagement rate, retain existing users, and pinpoint particular features and functionalities that users find a problem with so that the overall user experience would improve. In addition to that, you should be clear on what kind of data you have to track and for that, you need to have a well-organized plan in hand before you start the development of the application so that analytics can be useful when you have to take instant decisions.

Target audiences

Your target audiences are the reason why you are creating a mobile application so you need to focus on that element as well. Factors such as country in which your app going to be released, what age group does your app serve, will the profession of the customer’s matter, etc. are the factors that should be taken into consideration while developing a mobile application.

For example, a mobile application created for toddlers will have more visual representation or images and few words so that the kids will understand what the app is trying to say. You may want to include so many technical features but the success of the app will depend on how well it is serving your users.


One idea can be represented in various ways. You can go to a developer and explain him or her your concept but the developer may understand something else and create altogether a different app. So it is always better to start with a wireframe as you can clearly see all your features and functionalities and how they function together. So even if you have any change of mind for a particular functionality or a feature, you can easily change that rather than designing the app completely and then changing it from scratch.

UI UX design

You can’t afford to lose this particular element because if your app fails then your entire app will be a huge disaster. UI and UX are the user interface and user experience of the mobile app. A good user interface with a poor user experience doesn’t work and vice a versa. So make sure what your customers would like to see in your UI/UX.

Competitor apps

Before designing your app, it is always suggested to take a look at your competitor’s apps that are available on the market. So that you can know what your customers are already getting, what are the elements they are not liking in your competitor’s apps, and what is that your competitor is not providing your customers and how you can provide that. Analyzing these things will give you a better idea of building your mobile application. 

Final thoughts

If all the above-mentioned points are done right, then definitely you’ll be getting an effective and an amazing mobile application. Nowadays, building an app is so much easy but knowing how to serve your customers using your mobile app is the toughest part. Understand what your customers need and then serve them accordingly.


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