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Gionee M7 Review: The First MediaTek Helio P30 Phone

Gionee is not new in the market. But it is gaining momentum now. Earlier we have taken a closer look at the Gionee S10 – one of the most popular models of the company coming with four camera modules. Recently we reviewed the Gionee M6S Plus, which is known for data protection at a hardware level. A couple of weeks back the manufacturer announced the latest addition to its M line dubbed as the Gionee M7. This model is known for the FullView display and Helio P30. But there are many other features making it stand out. That’s why we are going to get acquainted with all the key features the M7 comes with. Not accidentally, we do it ahead of a special event planned to take place on October 18.

Gionee M7

The company has published a poster with a fashion model with angel wings. This made a huge stir and made people guess what the company wants to hint at via this poster. Unfortunately, we have no idea what it means, but one thing is clear- the Gionee M7 advertisement will be mixed with a fashion show. This is not the first time when a smartphone participates in a fashion event. But the Gionee M7 is really a great handset. So it causes a question whether the show will help the phone in getting popularity or the vice versa.

Though Gionee’s M line models are known for great security and battery options, the M7 can be easily out into the S family that is known for incredible camera and design options. I want to say the Gionee M7 comes with a stylish look using all-metal unibody design that passes throw number of processes.

Gionee M7

Unlike other M-line models, this one has canceled the previous frosted body design. Moreover, now it’s the way thinner. But this improvement didn’t affect the battery capacity. The Gionee M7 sports a 4000mAh battery. It’s the only way through this-this is an M-family model, folks!

However, one of the selling points of this model is considered to be the 6.01-inch screen that occupies about 85% of the front panel. Thus we are dealing with a full-screen phone. OK, we are dealing with an almost full-screen phone. Anyway, it comes with an 18:9 screen ratio unlike many other models from this line that came with a 16:9 screen ratio. Thanks to the aforementioned display parameters the phone doesn’t look large and is quite comfortable for single-hand operations. We can say it is identical to 5.5-inch smartphones.

Gionee M7

The whole front panel is covered with a 2.5D arc glass. Moreover, almost all phones from this category come with a ‘glass + ink’ two-process glass. But the company has gone a step further and added a ‘titanium-silicon-titanium’ three-layer coating. It’s can be clearly noticed when holding the phone under the direct sunlight. It produces a dazzling metallic luster

Gionee M7

As for the display technology, this is an AMOLED screen providing high color saturation and a wide color gamut of DCI-P3 with a coverage up to 97% identical to the Hollywood theater-level color gamut. Plus, there is an ‘eye mode’ function, which uses a self-made algorithm to optimize the display brightness and reduce the blue-ray reflection for low-light or dark conditions. The resolution is 2160 x 1080 pixels.

Gionee M7

The front panel of the Gionee M7 uses a symmetrical design with narrow areas on the top and bottom. But if the bottom part carries only the company’s logo with no functionality, the top hides the light and proximity sensors as well as the 8MP camera.

Gionee M7

As I said, this is an all-metal unibody smartphone. It can be clearly seen when looking at the back. The whole back is made by using the sun pattern processing. Seems it’s easy, but the difficulty is to maintain the uniformity of the sun pattern as well as replace the tool continuously and adjust the number of grinding and pressure. Thus the process requirements are quite high. Of course, it affects the pricing, but this process also provides extraordinary visual effects. At last, the Gionee M7 uses a dual-U-shaped injection.

Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7

The second selling point of this model is going to be the MediaTek Helio P30 processor. This is the first phone with this chip on board. As you know, the Helio P30 was announced along with the Helio P23 for the super mid-range market. To understand what niche we are talking about and what smartphone we are dealing with, just know the most attractive representative models from this niche are the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 and Vivo X20.

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Gionee M7

As for the MediaTek Helio P30, this SoC uses an 8 x Cortex-A53 architecture at the highest frequency of 2.3GHz. It also supports MediaTek CorePilot multi-task computing technology. However, this processor still uses a 16 process node. Although it has been improved by 8% in comparison to the previous-gen Helio P25. The graphics card has been updated to the Mali-G71 MP2.

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The Gionee M7 also comes with a 6GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. This is a regular set for a smartphone from this niche. So nothing to complain of or praise on.

The Helio P30 and the aforementioned memory combination provide a quite expected AnTuTu and Androbench scoring.

Gionee M7

Once again, the Gionee M7 is a battery phone. Saying exactly, it belongs to the family known for great endurance and large capacity batteries. The M7 is packed with a 4000mAh battery supporting up to 9V / 2A (? 18W) fast charge options. According to the official data, the phone is capable of providing up to 43.2 hours of talk time, 21.1 hours of video playback, 123 hours of music listening, and 671 hours of standby time.

Gionee M7

But a large battery requires not only fast charging but also various protection modes and power consumptions management. In this sense, the Gionee M7 faces no problems as it comes with an ‘overvoltage protection’, ‘under-voltage protection’, ‘overcurrent protection’ as well ‘intelligent power management’, ‘app freeze, ‘GPU dynamic optimization’, ‘power management’ and so on.

As for software, the phone runs on Amigo 5.0 OS based on Android 7.1.1. However, in comparison to the Amigo 4.0 seen on the S10, the system UI changes are not obvious. Gionee’s software has been known for its safety features. Moreover, this company pays too much attention to the protection at the hardware level. It’s clearly seen on the Gionee M6S, but we’ll try to understand what has been improved in this model.

Gionee M7

There is an interesting feature in the system called ‘private space’. You can store anything you want including documents, photos, notes, videos, and other content. All these content are protected with a password or a fingerprint. When unlocking the phone via the fingerprint you will be taken directly to the private space.

Gionee M7

Another great function, the anti-theft function has got an upgrade and now it comes with a version of 2.0. As usual, it comes with a ‘restore factory settings protection’, ‘remote lock screen’, ‘data backup delete’ as well as a new ‘change card protection’ function. It allows to lock the phone and forbid the phone access.

There are two special security chips in the phone – one for mobile payment and the other for data protection. The former one works on a separate memory chip using a digital certificate as well as a fingerprint encryption. The users’ fingerprint information is stored on an independent storage. This chip has been certified by EAL6 + (China Information Security Certification Center), UnionPay, and other authorized centers. So no reason to doubt on its safety during the payment processes. Moreover, you will not find any other smartphone maker providing such a protection at a hardware level.

Gionee M7

The data encryption chip works with the same principle of the security encryption chip. Thus it uses an independent storage in the built-in RAM and ROM for the encrypted data. The latter is stored with an irreversible decryption. So even if the chip is cracked, the date can’t be read.

I have already mentioned the phone features an 8MP selfie camera with an aperture of f/2.2 on the front, but we are more interested in the rear camera using 16+8MP sensors combination. As you can guess, this is a ‘wide-angle + telephoto’ dual-camera program designed for taking great photos in all conditions. This camera comes with a large aperture of f/1.8, background blur effect, 2x zoom, 3D shooting mode, and many more.

Gionee M7

However, the Gionee M7 is the first smartphone of the company to settle the Imagiq 2.0 ISP technology. The latter provides a faster computing speed (24fps / sec) and the subject of the depth of field processing effect is more accurate (7 level blurring intensity).

Gionee M7

As for actual capturing, the phone is capable of taking great shots outdoor when there is a sufficient amount of light. There is no high automatic exposure enhancement and color addition. So compared to the real environment, the color saturation is slightly deeper, especially for green objects.

Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7

When shooting at night, the display will automatically become brighter. Thus it should help handset to take night time photos. However, due to the overall brightness of the screen that enhances the dark spots some visible noise will inevitably appear.

Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7

Macro Shots

Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7Gionee M7

Traditionally, the M line models of Gionee has been known for a good battery life and trustworthy protection. With the launch of the Gionee M7, the company has made a big move into the niche dubbed as the super mid-range market. Phones from this category should satisfy a few other requirements such as stylish look, powerful and fresh processor, good camera, and bezel-less screen. The Gionee M7 comes with all of them. So seems it has all chances to succeed. Moreover, it is priced affordably, 2799 yuan ($424). Say it’s cheaper than the Vivo X20 and 300 yuan ($45) more expensive than the Mi Note 3.

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