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Grab The FreeVision VILTA Gimbal- The Best Around For $219.99 (Free Shipping)

Searching for a solid, premium and digital gimbal for your Go Pro camera? LightInTheBox has got the FreeVision VILTA gimbal for $219.99. The FreeVision VILTA gimbal comes in a compact and ergonomic 3-axis gimbal which offers both handheld and wearable operation modes. The handle can be removed, and the remaining gimbal base can be used independently. The features of the base is a standard GoPro 2-prong mount which is foldable at the bottom and also allow the base to be attached on so many GoPro supported accessories. Accordingly, the base can be worn on helmets, mounted on bikes etc. Moreover, the VILTA joystick is placed on the base and not on the handle, so that when you use the base independently you also retain all other functions. The VILTA supports the GoPro HERO5 Black directly into its integrated camera holder, and the HERO3 and HERO4 via an included bracket that installs into the camera holder.FreeVision VILTA

FreeVision VILTA uses the most advanced and effective motor control algorithm and servo control algorithms in the industry. This has given it an extremely fast response time and high precision control, which produces an image stability exponentially higher than that of other competitors. So it doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned pro of you just want to shoot your own GoPro videos, the 3 Axis Gimbal is something you should consider if you want a clean and sharp footage without the annoying camera shakes. Using 3 Axis Gimbal you can basically say goodbye to shaky videos and finally get the quality of a smooth cinematic like footage.FreeVision VILTA

The FreeVision VILTA comes with a manual and follows pan and tilt control for 360 rotation along the pan axis. While for the manual control, it has a strapless thumb joystick with adjustable speed and sensitivity for different conditions and preferences. Behind these functions, the VILTA features advanced motor control and servo control algorithms that provide fast response speed and high control precision. The VILTA can also be automatically set for optimal balance each time it is powered on because of its auto-calibration feature.

The gimbal base battery and handle battery have independent intelligent battery management systems. The Smart Battery System (SBS), can accurately manage the battery power and extend the battery life. This highly efficient dual battery system provides a long battery life of up to 8-9 hours.

The new interactive experience of the smart APP covers all the features from GoPro App. Users can pair GoPro with VILTA , preview footage in real-time, control and setting between camera and VILTA, download and share photos and videos etc, directly through the App.Buy using the button below if you’re interested in this offer.

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