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High Demand Product: Car Self-Defense Steel Alloy Stick For Only $9.44

Nobody ever plans for something bad to happen but they happen every day and that is why it is better for us to be prepared at all times. We have seen situations where a car is involved in a motor accident and all the doors are jammed. The only option in such a situation is to break the window. How will you do that when the windows are highly resistant to breaks? Today, we have a product for you which is designed for self-defense. This Car Self-Defense Steel Alloy Stick breaks seamlessly through any sort of glass. Security agencies, sportsmen/women, instructors, and other personnel will find this device very useful. In addition, this stick can also be used against bullies who will not see whats coming because this stick is pocketable.

This Car Self-Defense Steel Alloy Stick is designed with hard plastic and metal material and it weighs only 260 grams. It has a shortened length of 24cm which means that it can be placed in a dip trouser pocket or preferably in a jacket pocket. When elongated, it has a length of 55cm which makes it a perfect self-defense tool. The top of the handle comes with a hardened steel knob which can be used to apply a point force on any glass causing it to break immediately. You can unleash the rest of this Car Self-Defense Steel Alloy Stick with a squeeze on the handle. This device comes handily when a car accidentally plunges into a river making the glass more difficult to break. Car Self-Defense Stick Alloy Steel Stick

Where To Get The Car Self-Defense Steel Alloy Stick

Interestingly, this stick is absolutely cheap as it costs only $9.44. Presently, a couple of units are available on Gearbest but it is selling out very fast thus you better hurry-up so it does not go out of stock.

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