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Homtom S8: Galaxy S8 Clone Now Sale On Gearbest At $159.99

Much anticipated this Homtom S8. The “clone” of the Samsung Galaxy S8, as it is known in the streets, deserves prominence for its irreverence, quality and, above all, low value. The Chinese company’s terminal decided to go 18: 9 in the ratio of its screen and offer new possibilities to lovers of Samsung Galaxy S8 who do not want to spend $800 on a smartphone. In no way can we compare the S8 to Samsung’s top-of-the-line Samsung has this in mind. The new Smartphone of the Chinese company is a mid-range that promises a stable use, but not much more than that.

Homtom S8

Although in the front the terminal is very similar to the Galaxy S8, it is in the rear that most differentiates. Like Note8, the Homtom smartphone gives us a dual camera with two sensors ready to make the bokeh effect (blurred behind the subject). After much testing dual cameras on mid-range phones from China, I have to admit that they are no big deal. The bokeh effect is more of a “fog effect” that offers less quality.

Homtom S8

However, the Homtom S8 is more than its input chambers. The handset offers a well-located fingerprint reader on the back, a quality construction and a 5.7 “HD + screen.

Good quality and design identical to the Galaxy S8, this HomTom S8 promises!

Homtom S8

The MediaTek MT6750T processor running at 1.5GHz and the 4GB of RAM promise smooth use for small tasks and the 64GB of internal memory will serve to store content until it arrives. You can still invest in a MicroSD card and expand the memory of your smartphone. The Homtom S8 runs Android 7.0 Nougat, this means that its 3400 mAh battery should arrive and remain for a day of normal use. Finishing with the features, this gadget gives us even the possibility to insert two SIM cards and still 3.5 “input for the earphones.

The great advantage of this smartphone is, in fact, its price. The new Homtom S8 has a value of $159.99 and according to the brand, is already starting to leave in the hands of users who have opted to buy in pre-sale. If you are still looking at it with a close eye, you are still aware that if you buy it today the Smartphone will be sent to your home within 3 weeks, it is the right time to order it.

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