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HOMTOM S8 Review – Low Price Samsung S8 Clone Delivers

Looking for the best-looking low price Samsung S8 clone, then read my HOMTOM S8 Review. HOMTOM S8 price is low and offers that Infinity Display 18:9 Aspect ratio with 64GB storage, but adds dual-cameras to the mix.

Homtom S8 Review Budget Samsung S8 Clone

Homtom S8 Review – Specs and First impressions

HOMTOM S8 Specs: 4G LTE VoLTE Phablet 5.7″ Infinity Display HD+ MTK6750T Octa-Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Sony Dual Rear Cameras Rear Fingerprint Gyroscope Sensor and Compass.

This ocean-blue glossy phone comes with a full box of a fast charging charger, a USB cable, an OTG cable, a tempered glass screen protector and a back TPU case. A very good complete package for a $150 phone.

Homtom S8 Review Complete Package

HOMTOM S8 rim is made of very thick metal which together with the Gorilla Glass makes it a very tough phone.

In addition, the back is plastic and it is much more durable than the Samsung S8 glass one.

Homtom S8 Review Glossy Eye-catching Back

The fingerprint scanner is definitely not the fastest one on the market but it is very accurate. On top of the phone, you will see the SIM tray. A good engineering decision to save space and make the phone thinner. I like seeing Homtom thinking outside the box.

Homtom S8 Review Sim card slot

The 18:9 infinity display is looking very nice and if you remove the on-screen buttons, you get around 80% display-to-body ratio to use as you see fit. This beautiful HOMTOM S8 is a 5.7-inch device that feels like a 5.3″ in your hand. It absolutely gives you that Samsung S8 feeling.

Homtom S8 Review 18 to 9 Infinity Display

Speaking of HOMTOM S8 design is really an eye-catching device with its ocean-blue colour.  Furthermore, providing real 18:9 aspect ratio with upscaled HD+ and vivid colours.

homtom s8 infinity display

However, the brightness level is not very high but even on the sunniest days, you will see everything you need.

Homtom S8 Review Display

HOMTOM S8 4G/LTE supports Band 1, 3, 7 and Band 20 so if you are living in USA or Canada, check with your local operator if it supports these bands. This budget Samsung S8 clone also comes with all the sensors you need – Gyroscope, Magnetometer, Accelerometer. Not only HOMTOM S8 is very good looking but is a very feature-rich pack phone.

Homtom S8 Review Gyroscope

Homtom S8 Review – Performance and Gaming

Let’s start with the GPS test. HOMTOM S8 is barely out on the market and the GPS is a little bit slower than usual. However, it is accurate and will surely be improved with future software updates.

Homtom S8 Review GPS

Homtom S8 is a pretty good daily driver compared to other phones in the same price range as Oukitel K6000 Pro and Asus Zenfone 4 Max. It even puts it a little bit above that thanks to using the internal flash storage from Samsung which is faster than the competition. This device delivers very good browsing, social media and multitasking performance.

Homtom S8 Review Benchmarks

Homtom S8 Review Benchmark Geekbench ScoreHomtom S8 Review Benchmark Geekbench ScoreHomtom S8 Review Benchmark Storage scoreHomtom S8 Review Benchmark Storage score

This low price phone delivers decent gaming performance as well. I tested it with some heavy demanding games and it runs smoothly. 3D games take full advantage of the infinity display HD+ resolution. Stretching the image to deliver full immersion. Shame that it’s not a popular video format on youtube, yet. Do expect the body to get warm after 10-15 minutes of gaming, and some throttling after longer gaming sessions. You may check it out in my Full Homtom S8 Video Review.

Homtom S8 Review Gaming

HOMTOM S8 Camera Review

You can definitely see that Homtom S8 uses Sony IMX278 lens model – a popular sensor a few years ago used in some flagship phones from Huawei. Furthermore, there is an option for 16 MP shots but make sure you put it on 13 MP and enable the Auto scene detection. These are the best settings for this camera because it increases the low light performance.

Homtom S8 Review Camera settings

Homtom S8 Review Camera photo

As a budget phone, Homtom S8 cameras produce very good photos during the whole day. The shots are with lots of details and decent colour reproduction.

Homtom S8 Review Camera photo

Homtom S8 Review Camera shot on good light

The Sony IMX278 definitely delivers very good results in this price range even in indoor shots. Concentrating on design and features this HOMTOM S8 review shows you the phone as it is. Not perfect, but offering value for a good price.

Homtom S8 Review Camera photo

While taking photos they don’t look that great but displayed on the PC results are more than adequate. Most people will probably want to look for a better overall camera phone in this price range like Redmi Note 5A or Redmi 4X.

Homtom S8 Review Camera night shot

The second camera is pretty ok but mainly in good light conditions. In my opinion, Homtom should have replaced it with adding another more useful feature. However, some people do prefer this function and it’s nice to have it and it will hopefully improve with updates.

Homtom S8 Review Camera close shot

Homtom S8 Review Camera close shot

The front camera of Homtom S8 is very decent. Both indoor and outdoor selfies are worthy for Facebook and Instagram. Offering fast shutter speed and especially noteworthy – Front Cam HDR.

Homtom S8 Review Selfie camera shot on a sunny day

Homtom S8 Review Selfie camera shot

On the other side, the video quality is not that great as you may see in my Homtom S8 Video Review. The main camera lacks stabilization and sometimes loses focus. The front cam is a bit better though. As I mentioned earlier, Homtom S8 is new on the market and most probably the future updates will bring improvements to the camera quality as well.

HOMTOM S8 Pros and Cons

To wrap this HOMTOM S8 review up, if you are looking for a low price Samsung S8 experience and 18:9 infinity display on a very tight budget, HOMTOM S8 definitely fits the bill. Tougher and more durable than Samsung S8, it comes with an eye-catching design, decent performance and decent cameras. The battery life is not amazing though and will last up to day, day and a half of usage. However, most of the other cons such as slower GPS lock and currently poor video quality will most probably be improved with future updates. HOMTOM has guaranteed at least two OTAs for the S8, so we will definitely see improvements on what is currently a good budget phone.

HOMTOM S8 Price and where to buy

Currently on sale at gearbest HOMTOM S8 price is only $159. A beatiful and well-engineered low price Samsung S8 clone worth your money.

Homtom S8 Review Budget Samsung S8 Clone

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