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How to Keep Your Teen Safe Online

Anybody who spends a lot of time browsing the web needs to be wary of the dangers that lurk on the dark side of the internet. Teenagers are at a greater risk of falling victim to online predators because they do not always comprehend the dangers posed by cyber criminals. However, cyber criminals are all out there just waiting to pounce on teens in the digital world.

Dangers of Social Media

Social media is a great way for your teen to stay in touch with family, friends and classmates all over the world, but it also poses many dangers. Pedophiles, stalkers and other evildoers assume fake identities on social media, become “friends” with your teen and lure them into a face-to-face meeting. Needless to say, the consequences can be deadly.

The mSpy parental control app lets you monitor your teens social network activity. You can see the messages they send and receive, even the deleted ones. You can see who they are friends with and track messages in the Facebook messenger.

Meeting Strangers

We all tell our children to never talk to strangers they meet on the street, but how often do we warn them about talking to strangers online? The days of someone hiding in a dark alley with binoculars are long gone and today’s criminals search for their next victims online.

The mSpy parental control app, has a “geofencing” feature which allows you to track your child’s location. You can set geographic parameters where you give you kids permission to be in and if they leave this zone, you will be notified. For example, if they left football practice and entered the recreation center, you would be notified of each event.

Also you can utilize the keylogger feature which allows you to collect search phrases, messages, and other data from the device you are monitoring. You are able to see all the keystrokes made on the monitored phone and view the keylogger logs in the Control Panel. You can also monitor your child’s internet history to make sure they are not visiting and viewing prohibited sites and content.

To find out more information about the mSpy parental control app you can visit mspy.com.es

Cyber Bullying

When we hear the word “bully” today, we immediately think of some big guy in the schoolyard who picks on smaller kids and stuffs them in lockers. Well, unfortunately, today’s bullies have become technologically savvy and can strike anywhere 24/7 thanks to social media and iMessage apps such as WhatsApp and SnapChat. This issue has received a lot of media attention recently due to a number of high profile media stories most notably the story of Ryan Halligan, a Vermont teen who was bullied online because of embarrassing story he shared online. The bullying was so severe that it drove him to suicide. There have also been a number of celebrities who have spoken out against cyber bullying because they have been victims themselves, most notably Taylor Swift. Using the celebrity card is a good way for you to start a dialogue with your child about the dangers of cyber bullying.

The mSpy parental control app allows you to see the text messages your teen receives and you can block all incoming numbers from bullies as well as text messages. Also, the one good thing about cyber bullying is that it leaves a paper trail. Be sure to save messages from the bully in case you need evidence to show the authorities in case the situation gets out of control.

Information Sharing

Most teens post silly pictures and videos online without hesitation. What they do not realize is that everything they post online is considered public and can always be retrieved even if they are deleted. The tragic story of Amanda Todd began with one inappropriate picture that she posted on social media which fell into the wrong hands and was used to bully and blackmail her to the point of suicide.

You can monitor your teens online activity with the mSpy parental control app to make sure that they do not post any compromising material which can ruin their reputation or used for blackmail. Since teens do not always use proper judgement when posting online it is up to us, as parents, to monitor their social media activity for their own protection.

We understand that technology alone is not enough to protect our children when they are browsing online. We must have an open, serious and truthful discussion with them about the dangers that lurk on the internet. The more educated your teen is about all of these dangers, the better choices they will make online.

This is a post by Ted Soluri. He has worked as a freelance internet safety advisor for more than 15 years. Currently he advises government officials, school administrators and private citizens about the best internet safety practices. You can reach him at his G+ account

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