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How To Spy Someone, Phone calls, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook And More Ft. Spyzie

Today we live in a world where children get a smartphone at a pretty early age. Now if you are a parent and worry about your child activities that they do with their smartphones. Like what they browse over the internet, their messages, contacts, and location. Also, if you are a business owner, the most difficult task is to monitor employees that what they do during work time.

To protect this from happening there are quite a few companies who have come up with smartphone spying apps. And just recently, I stumbled upon yet another effective smartphone monitoring solution known as Spyzie which is a great monitoring solution that brings you all the information you’ll need on your kids or your employees.

So, now without any further Ado, let’s see how it works

After using Spyzie for almost 1 week, I think it’s one of the most trustworthy mobile monitoring solution and its available for both Android and iOS users. And the best part of the Spyzie is that is available for free trial. Though there are some limitations, you can try their services before buying the premium plans. And before getting into the setup procedure, lets first have a quick look over the key features of Spyzie.


Key Features


  • Location

The first key feature is that you can access the real-time location. It is really important to know the current location of the person you are concern about. By this you ensure that the person is at safe location or if you find any suspicious location, you can call them and if they lie, you can easily catch their lies with this.

With Spyzie, you have their real-time location, so if the person is in trouble, it can help you reach them directly. Also, you get location details to instantly find the device. Moreover, the app even shows you a detailed route history of the device.


  • Call Logs Monitor

Next up we have Call Logs Monitor, which you will find in every monitoring app. This will basically let you access the call logs with Name, Phone number, Duration, Date, and Call type on the target smartphone, which will give you a better idea that if your employee or child is in contact with any strange person.


  • Personal Data

With Spyzie you also have the ability to check all the photos of the phones, well it’s very personal thing. But for a parent, who is concern about child security. It’s necessary to make sure that What kind of images your child share.

Besides these, you can check all contacts of the phone, browser history, Messages, calendar, WhatsApp Messages and many more. In a free trial account, you can only monitor Call logs, Contacts, Calendar, and Apps.

Now if you are concern about your own privacy considering there’s a lot of personal data at play, it’s understandable if you are wondering that Spyzie is secure enough. Now according to the company, all the private information is secured with an advanced encryption technology, which should make sure to prevent any privacy leak.

Set Things Up!

  • Now, let’s move forward and set things up. First create a Free Trial account on Spyzie. Now fill the details about the targeted device. Like owner nickname, Age and Phone OS. It is available for Android as well as iOS.

  • Now you need to have one-time physical access to the targeted device that you want to monitor. Simply open any web browser on the targeted phone, enter this URL: ( to download Spyzie app into the phone and then install the app, but before doing that first you need to turn on Unknown Source from the Settings menu like this.

  • Now open the app and enter your register login id and password.

  • Then, tap on Grant. This is will allow Spyzie to access all the content on the device which will eventually help you to track it using the other app or on their website.

  • At the last, tap on the Start Monitoring button to start tracking. The app icon will be automatically deleted from the app drawer and user will not be able to find it even in the installed apps list.

Now you can monitor the device from your PC, Tab or Phone. You can download Spyzie Android app or open this url on your web browser: Enter your login details and start monitoring.

Try Spyzie



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