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How to Update Korean Samsung Galaxy A8 to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


SK Telecom has expelled a central Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow OTA refurbish for all their Galaxy A8 users.

This central refurbish is being rolled out by Samsung in stages, it means that not all a users are stealing Marshmallow during a same time as others. If you’re looking to manually ascent your phone, afterwards we can use a Odin app.
This apparatus is good for those that are looking to revive their phones to batch Android, too, as we can do it in a same approach as we did with a Galaxy A8 device. Before starting a designation routine of this new central firmware we need to check these guidelines:

  • use this post usually for a Korean Samsung Galaxy A8 SM-A800S devices.
    – do not try to refurbish any other inclination with a files that we will find in this post.
    – check your device indication underneath Settings About Phone and make certain that a A800S chronicle is listed there.
  • download Samsung USB drivers from here.
    – implement a usb drivers on your computer.
  • for a designation of Android 6.0.1 program updates we will have to use a Odin app.
    – for Odin to work with your PC we need to implement a usb drivers above, and to make certain that USB Debugging is enabled from your phone’s Developer Options.
    – Developer Options competence be hidden, go to Settings About Phone and daub 7 times on a Build Number section.
    – lapse to Settings, find Developer Options, capacitate it and afterwards find and capacitate USB Debugging option, too.
  • the refurbish can be simply commissioned over secure firmware, though we will remove base access.
    – any tradition Recovery will be transposed by a batch Recovery image.
    – if a firmware is usually rooted, and it is still a Stock Android firmware, afterwards a refurbish will be practical though stealing any other information files.
  • if your Galaxy A8 sports a tradition ROM, afterwards we can implement a new central firmware regulating Odin, though a ‘factory reset’ is mandatory, as we need to request it after a designation of Android 6.0.1 is done.
    – a ‘factory reset’ stairs are listed during a finish of this post.
    – bureau resetting a smartphone will purify purify a complement partition, though it won’t undo any information from inner storage.
    – a ‘factory reset’ routine won’t undo any information from a inner storage data, as we will see usually a tradition ROM files and commissioned apps removed.
  • in box your phone runs 100% batch Android firmware, afterwards we won’t see any information files private from a device, and we can get true to a designation partial of this post.
  • this beam is unfailing to be used by modernized users only, as we can't be blamed if we section a phone nor in box we remove any information files.
  • read a whole post, don’t skip any steps.

How to peep Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow central Update for Korea Galaxy A8 A800S:

  1. Download the A800SKSU1BPG2 Android 6.0.1 refurbish repository from here.
  2. Extract a archived essence of this new record and save them on your PC.
    – save a files on your PC.
    – we will obtain the A800SKSU1BPG2 tar.md5 updating file.
    – this is a record we need to bucket in Odin and flash.
  3. Download Odin 3.10.7 from here.
    – unzip a contents.
  4. Power off a phone.
  5. Boot it in Download Mode.
    – press Volume DOWN + Home + Power buttons.
    – recover them when a warning shade loads, afterwards press Volume Up to endorse Download Mode boot.
  6. Launch a Odin app.
  7. Use a usb wire to bond your phone with a PC around usb cable.
    – wait for Odin to detect a phone.
    – if a device is not famous we have to reinstall a Samsung usb drivers.
  8. In Odin click the AP button. Find and bucket the A800SKSU1BPG2 tar.md5 refurbish record in Odin.
  9. Press START when prepared to start a designation of Android 6.0.1 update.
  10. After a refurbish is finished we can see a acknowledgment warning shown by Odin, a phone will also restart.
  11. Use your default login info in sequence to recover control over your phone once again.

These were all a stairs that we had to take in sequence to finish a Android 6.0.1 refurbish for your Korean Galaxy A8 model.

If a FAIL warning is displayed by Odin, afterwards we will have to repeat a whole educational once more. If we repeat designation we need to make certain that we won’t skip any steps, and that your phone meets all mandate listed above a tutorial.


If a PASS warning is shown by Odin, though your phone enters in a foot loop, or it gets stranded during a foot animation shade for some-more than 20 minutes, afterwards we will have to ‘factory reset’ a device.

The ‘factory reset’ stairs are next and we should request them if you’ve commissioned a central refurbish over a tradition ROM, too. The ‘factory reset’ wipes purify a complement partition, though it won’t undo any information from inner storage.

Here’s how to bureau reset your device:

  • power it off.
  • boot Recovery Mode.
    – it can be finished by dire Volume Up + Home + Power buttons during a same time.
    – recover a buttons when Recovery Mode menu loads.
  • select ‘wipe data/ bureau reset’.
  • confirm.
  • reboot device in normal mode and you’re done.

If we need some-more assistance we can tell us in comments.

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