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Huawei Could Unveil a Honor Magic on Dec 16


Huawei, now a many essential Android smartphone maker, has sent out press invites to a media eventuality on Dec 16th, where it will announce a Honor-branded “Magic” smartphone. While specific sum aren’t accessible yet, it is rumored that a Magic will be a judgment smartphone, identical to Xiaomi’s Mi Mix “bezel-less” phablet. In fact, some are even speculating that a Magic could exaggerate of a bezel-less pattern with a identical screen-to-body ratio as a Mi Mix.

In further to a bezel-less display, a Honor Magic is rumored to confederate Huawei’s latest charging technology, that is claimed to concede a smartphone’s battery to assign from 0 to 50% in only 5 minutes. While it does sound amazing, we are not totally certain that a tech is prepared for premiere already. Honor is pronounced to be regulating grapheme-assisted battery technology, that allows for super-fast charging speeds.

Some other rumors advise a Honor Magic will be a modular smartphone of sorts. And distinct a LG G5 and a Moto Z array smartphones, it will apparently launch though a camera and a speaker. Users will be means to supplement a camera or orator as modules, that does sound flattering crazy. Most people today count on their smartphones as their primary camera and multimedia device, so carrying to insert modules to be means to take a print or listen to song simply doesn’t make a lot of sense. Using modules to enhance a functionality of a smartphone, as Motorola has finished with a MotoMods, is a right approach to do it, during slightest according to us.  Another gossip claims a Honor Magic will underline a winding AMOLED screen, though we’re not assured as winding displays are customarily seen on flagship handsets, and Huawei hasn’t launched a flagship class smartphone underneath a Honor code yet.

While a lot of difficulty exists now per a specifications of a “Magic”, we do design to see some-more petrify leaks uncover adult online as we conduct closer to a Dec 16th proclamation date.

What are your thoughts on a rumored facilities of a Honor “Magic”?


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