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IDC Reports 0.5% Decline in the Global Smartphone Shipment Volume 2017

A new report from the market intelligence provider, IDC has relayed a startling revelation about the Global Smartphone Shipment and Market in 2017. Accordingly, for the first time in the history, the global smartphone shipments last year, has dropped by 0.5%.

Earlier, a downfall in the Chinese market was recorded, which totaled to 459 million units in 2017; which is short by 4%, when compared to its previous year. Notably, the Q4 of 2017 received a heavy blow, i.e., 14% on the downslope. Therefore, the downfall was descriptively comprehendible with these data.

Even IDC has indicated that there was about 5% drop in China alone. This is conceivably the major reason for such a hike in the global inflection point.

Nevertheless, we should also take it into account that the state of other smartphone markets, also logged a declining fashion. For example, in EMEA (Europe – Middle East Africa) the drop was 3.5%, while in the USA, it was almost flat.

Thus, the global smartphone shipment decline of 0.5%, constituting 1,462 million units is registered. Even after the onset of the New Year (2018), the market decline doesn’t seem to back up. However, IDC has lodged a hopeful statement that the market will rejuvenate, resuming its growth in 2018.

Moreover, IDC has also forecasted that new records will also be set in 2018. Directionally, this year: The Large-screen phone would outstrip the small-screen phones; High-end smartphones from major players will comprise about 20% of the share; 5G handsets will be out by 2019, and will entail 18% of the market share by 2022.

Global Smartphone Shipment

IDC also this time, haven’t released phone manufacturer rankings. Yet, it has divulged the number of shipments based on the system platform. The platform-wise share is as follows:

  • Android – 85.1%
  • iPhone – 14.8%
  • Others – 0.1%

Analysts have always been dubious about the PC market all these years. But, none would’ve ever doubted the smartphone market. Notwithstanding it, the new report from IDC has illustrated that the smartphone market has reached a peak at a very faster rate. Anyway, this will render a big opportunity for the developing markets now.


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