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iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System Review

The diabetes is from the group of metabolic disease. The person infected with diabetes tends to have high blood sugar. There is much confusion between diabetes affected people like when they have to check their blood sugar level status. The best times to check blood sugar include just after waking up in the morning, before the meal and after dinner or night meal. The A1C blood test should always keep in check for the regular check of your blood sugar level. Also, have an estimate of your blood sugar level in the last 2-3 months.  As the technology advancement is upgrading day by day, it is also reflecting in the medical technology. The iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System not only read your blood sugar level but also save in your iPhone or Android for further use.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

Most of the diabetic people have to go through the daily hustle of checking the blood sugar level and writing it down on the log table. However, the iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System keeps track of daily blood sugar level automatically. For keeping your health in leading position, it is vital to have a clear understanding and record of your diabetes. Having an excellent record of blood sugar level can help in many ways. This can even change a life-threatening situation if your doctor has a clear understanding of blood sugar level. Definitely, the treatment can be way better and secure. According to the medical survey of America, there are currently 9.3% of Americans from 29.1 million people who are suffering from diabetes. Worldwide the statics are even higher with around 8.1 million people affected with diabetes.


There are primarily two types of glucose monitoring device available in the market. Invasive and non-invasive. The non-invasive glucose monitoring devices are very readily availble. And are the best method available to check blood sugar level regularly. Till now many companies have tried to create perfect non-invasive glucose monitoring devices. But most of them have tried and failed in the process.  The perfect reading is still missing from most of the devices. Even after patients check the glucose level after piercing their skin. The regular sugar level check can help in transforming lives in a much better way. As it can affect the decision on daily food intake exercise and mediation. Even at this time many diabetic people still resort to keep the data of their sugar level in a written form. Which is done by logging the sugar level result by writing down using pen and paper.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The iHealth provides a better solution for every diabetic person. It is a high tech non-invasive glucose monitoring system. That provides a high tech solution for keeping a patients diabetic record in a more sorted and regular way.

The iHealth is a California based company that was set up in 2010 in mountain view. It is a part of Tianjin China-based manufacturing Biotech company Andon Health. It is one of the most largest and reliable OEM health technology manufacturing company that is currently running in the country. The company has already established and proved itself with innovative technology. That has the power to change the world health condition in a better way. The company is the core manufacturer of products that are designed for health including weight, blood pressure, heart rate and latest launch of auto log sugar level tester.

iHealth Align and iHealth Smart

The iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System provides two type of blood sugar level testing- iHealth Align and iHealth Smart. Both the technology iHealth Align and iHealth Smart offers testing blood sugar level like a traditional glucometer. The difference is that iHealth adds a digital twist to all the recordings. The iHealth device will automatically interpret all your blood sugar level reading and change into a form that everyone can understand. With all the low and high charts the data get easily transferred into your smartphone that you can carry with you for your next doctor appointment.

The best part of the device is that you will get a digital logbook. That presents the data in a simplistic and easy to understand way with all colour coding and graphs. The health Align is a less expensive and fast way to easily transfer your all data to your smartphone or tablet with the use of 3.5mm jack. Whereas the iHealth smart is a big brother to Align as it can transfer the data using the wireless Bluetooth to transmit all your reading wirelessly over the air to any cloud platform.


iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The iHealth align comes in packaging of minimal water drop shape glucose meter. There are many additional devices you will get with the package that includes a lancing device, four coloured cases, ten lancets and a transparent cap for different site testing. The size of the device is minimal about the size of an American quarter. This makes it very easy to carry around the device anywhere you want to go.

The iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System get powered by a small 3.0V(CR1620) battery. One of the best thing manufacturers have done is by providing two other additional batteries. So even if your device run out of battery in long travelling, you can always replace that easily. The Device also comes with a travel patch so you can place the device quickly and conveniently with a couple of instruction booklets for your travelling with the device.

The more advanced iHealth Smart comes in a much bigger box to hold the device correctly. With the device, you will get additionals like ten, a transparent cap, lancing device, USB charging cable, travel case and an instruction booklet. The shape of the device is a perfect oval shape that makes it easy to charge up. As the device comes with wireless Bluetooth feature, there is no need to connect IiHealth smart to your smartphone physically.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System


The device is straightforward to use by all generation of people. Holding the device power button for approximately three seconds will turn on the device for further use. Additional press on the power button will display the last blood sugar level reading. The other side of the device holds the micro USB port that can be used for charging the device. After charging for two hours, the device gets ready to use and can take around two hundred test before getting discharged. The central unit also holds the eject button to eject testing strips from the back of the primary device.

After the finishing often measuring stips that come bundled with the device you need to buy additional strips for further tests. The measuring strips and control solutions are sold separately. For 100 additional strips, you need to pay $25 that is quite economical as you get all in a reasonable rate of 25 cents for each strip. All the measuring strips come with the device and have different code from starting. It means you need to scan the bottle as they get to expire in 90 days period. The app uses to track both expiry date and quantity of test strips as it will also alert you when you about to finish all the testing strips. Both the iHealth Align and iHealth Smart use the same type of strips and same lancing device.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System


The iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System comes with the built-in smartphone app that is available for both Android and Apple phones. The app work in both online and offline mode. In offline mode you can manually insert the blood sugar reading as a standalone app. Or with the online mode you can directly sync your device with the smartphone, and that will insert all the readings for you form both Align and Smart device.

When you use the smart health device for the first time you need to connect it with the smartphone via Bluetooth. After the device get to connect with the smartphone, and a Bluetooth symbol will appear on the meter and will flash. The device then gets register with the app and get connected with it.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

With the iHealth align the process is much more straightforward. You just need to add the device on the iHealth app. there is no need to pair up the device with the smartphone. The tear-shaped iHealath align merely get plugged into 3.5mm audio jack is ready to use with that. For a start tracking your blood sugar level, you need to have three items at your disposal the main iHealth Align device with the lancing device and test strips.

The testing process of the iHealth device is relatively straightforward. For starting the testing first, you have to insert the test strips to your iHealth Align r Smart device’s port with the contact bar front facing the user. The cap of both the device comes off really easy to load the lancet while the different part twist to prime the lancer. After loading the lancer, you just need to adjust the lancing level and putting the handle until you hear the click sound.

The lancing device is used to take the blood sample of the patients. One of the essential things to remember while using the device is to wipe all the remain of first blood drop and press until a small blood drop form. This is use to increase the accuracy of blood sugar reading. After this apply the blood sample to the absorbent hole present on the test strip. If you are using the iHealth Smart, the app will automatically send you the rest test process. The device is exact regarding glucose reading. As after continuous use, it was the exhibit that even a small droplet of blood is enough to provide correct readings of blood samples.


The software with the app makes the iHeath a device must have for every diabetic patient. With each time the test conducted the app automatically store the time and tag the reading automatically. The app even allows modifying reading if it is incorrect. The app can also store other information like medication, record an audio note, store you all activities and much more.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

Each test stored in the app mark up with different colours mainly red green or yellow. The Red colour signifies the high sugar level that needs attention. If it is in green colour, it means your blood sugar is in average level. Moreover, if the colour is yellow, it means you are running with low blood sugar. All the colours are base on international world health organisation that means it can be understand globally. The apps also allow to edit your blood sugar level personally and define your own target range levels.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The functions you will get with iHeath devices are all superior from all the other devices in the market. You can also store all your reading inside the device when you don’t have the smartphone with you. It can store all the recording upto  500 tests inside the internal storage provided by the device. However, we will encourage you to use the smartphone device as it provides a more natural way to store and view results and trends.

The app is design in a way to provide all the details you can expect from a monitoring app. This was perhaps the most applicable part of the system. The App store all your reading in one place keep all the reading in easily recognisable colour coding format. That makes the reading very easy for differentiating all high normal or low blood sugar level. The app also keeps eyes on patient’s highest and lowest reading and further separate the result based on meal timings.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The user can view all the records by different categories. You can view all your blood sugar trends according to the date, time of day, before or after the meal. It also lets the user view all the details segregate by daily, weekly, two weekly, monthly and three monthly using data presentation. All the data and reports can be export PDF, CSV or excel format. With all the results in the table or graphic form. One of the advance and latest feature of the device is that you can share all your health results directly to all social media platform.

The app also let the user set reminders for an everyday test as per your routine. The app is design in a way that let the app play nicely with Apple Health app. Both the apps get synchronise, and you can find all your health reading in the Apple Health app as well.

The accuracy of iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System is definitely a usual topic of concern. The device works on the accuracy set by International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The iHealth device comes with both FDA approved and CE certified. While testing the device the reading use to tend to fluctuate somehow. From the reading we got and the reviews we have seen of the platform like Amazon it is clear that the device works up to its name. Both the hardware and software of device has received praise from all over.

In few words iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System looks very smart and handles very nicely. Many times during our testing we had zero problems pairing or taking the reading. The device is available at an economical price of $36.42. That makesit easy to even gift to your loved ones. The overall system of iHealth is simple to use by everyone, and after some time user will get the hang of it. The app that comes with device works brilliantly and view all data by visualisation. The app does all the work recording storing analysing your data and in return in a simple easy to understand form.

iHealth Smart Wireless Glucose Monitoring System

The use of the device is just like standard glucose monitoring system. The person has to take out blood sample and use it in the disposable test strips same like traditional blood sugar level testing.  The device usage is, but the way its keeping and storing data is out of the level. This iHealth Portable Smart Blood Glucose Meter is with gearbest at a  low price of 37 dollars.  Prices at the time of article creation will change depending on coupons, sale, etc. However, this price is low enough considering the performance.







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