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Jumper EZBook 2 SE Ultrabook Offered at $172.42

When looking for an ultrathin laptop, you shouldn’t have any problem as the market is full of various models. Chuwi, Onda, YEPO, Jumper and other non-first-tier China-based manufacturers frequently come in with interesting products. One of such models was the Jumper EZBook 2. It’s currently offered at a discounted price of $169.99. But there is another version of this awesome notebook named the Jumper EZBook 2 SE. As you guess, SE stands for Special Edition. The SE variant is priced almost identically at $172.42. So let’s find out what differences are there between this and the original models.

Jumper EZbook 2 SE

The Jumper EZBook 2 SE comes with a 12-inch screen with a WSXGA resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. In this sense, the company has reduced the screen size as well as the resolution. So this is the first hint we shouldn’t take this model as an enhanced variant of the original model. We should consider it as ANOTHER laptop carrying a familiar title.

As for hardware, the Jumper EZBook 2 SE is packed with an Intel Cherry Trail Z8350 quad-core processor clocked at 1.44GHz. So we should state it remains the same in comparison to the original model. This SoC is also paired with a 2GB DDR3L RAM and 64GB eMMC storage. The memory is reduced as well.

Fortunately, the battery remains the same at 10.000mAh capacity. So as the screen size is reduced, it should provide longer life.

All these features sound good. But the selling point of the Jumper EZBook 2 SE is the ultra-thin body at 5.6mm thickness and 1.2kg of weight. Actually, we are dealing with an ultrabook at an affordable price tag. But as some features are reduced, we can state this model has been designed for those who prefer a laptop with a smaller screen size. Therefore, they should assess its portability.

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