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Leagoo KIICAA MIX Review Video – Should You Buy The Cheapest Bezel-Less Phone?

Let’s face it, people want good-looking phones at a low price and Leagoo KIICAA MIX is the cheapest best-looking android phone right now. Read my Leagoo KIICAA MIX review to know should you buy the cheapest bezel-less phone.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review - Cheapest Bezel Less Phone

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review – Performance, Gaming and Battery Life

Please check my previous Leagoo KIICAA Mix Unboxing video here first. You will find all specs of this almost bezel-less phone. In the segment ahead we will examine KIICAA Mix performance, gaming and battery life as well, but furst Leagoo KIICAA Mix Specs.

For a $100 smartphone you get:

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review Specifications

Although there is no headphone jack, USB Type-C headphones are already included in the box. Nice touch and for a reason – I’ll get to that later on.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review - USB-C Headphones included

Moving on to Leagoo KIICAA Mix performance. GPS works quite well for a hundred-dollar phone and the orientation sensor is definitely a plus.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review Performance Score

With Leagoo KIICAA Mix and its 3GB RAM transitioning between apps is smooth and fast. Combined with a nice metal body, this very light and thin budget phone is all you need for your everyday tasks.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review - Great Display for a hundred-dollar device

The 5.5 inch bezel-less display of Leagoo KIICAA Mix is great for its price and will not let you down even on the brightest days. You may check real gaming tests made outside in the full Leagoo KIICAA Mix Review Video.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review - Light and thin budget phone

On the other hand, the 3000 mAh battery life is good but not amazing. The software is still in early stages and stats are unavailable but gaming tests show it will last up to 4 hrs of Screen-On-Time.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix review - Battery Life

Before moving to the camera review, there is something I wanted to underline. Call quality suffers due to the earpiece speaker being located higher than usual.

However, for people who mostly chat and usually put on the headphones which are already included in the package, it surely shouldn’t be a problem.

Leagoo Kiicaa Mix Review - Microphone

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Camera Review – Decent Photos for a $100 phone

This budget phone has decent 13.0MP Dual Rear Camera Front but the SLR is more of a miss than a hit. It might be improved with the future software updates so for the time being, just avoid using it.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera macro shot on good light

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot in low-light

The front and the back camera of Leagoo KIICAA Mix deliver decent results for a hundred-dollar phone. Although there is a little bit of over-exposure, the colours on good light are accurate and the photos are good.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot on good light

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot outside

Sometimes it takes a few shots for the cameras to focus properly especially in low-light but this is a common issue with most devices.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot in low-light

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot during the night

With Leagoo KIICAA Mix you can take good inside photos with decent details in normal light.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shots inside in good light

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera shot inside

Both cameras of Leagoo KIICAA Mix use the same sensor so selfie shots seem better than the main ones. Selfies are usable for social medias and pack as much detail as you can get with 13MP.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix review - Camera selfie

Nevertheless, keep in mind Leagoo KIICAA Mix is a screen, display and size-oriented device.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix Pros and Cons

Leagoo KIICAA Mix is for those of you who are looking for a budget phone with great display, very good performance, excellent build quality, decent battery life at a very low price. On the other side, the phone is missing a gyroscope and notification led, the video quality is poor and this strange design idea for the earpiece speaker.

Leagoo KIICAA Mix - Display and Size-oriented phone


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