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LEMFO LF19, The Ideal Smartwatch For Your Sports Activities In Tomtop For $21.91 (Coupon)

The LEMFO company specializes in electronic devices known as “weareables” (smartwatch phones, Android smartwatches, fitness bracelets) and mobile accessories. Therefore, in this category, the Chinese company stands out without much effort. And, in case you did not know, it adapts its devices mainly for the monitoring of sports data and as a tracker of physical exercise. Likewise, most of their smartwatches allow 2G or 3G phone calls and the synchronization of notifications via Bluetooth. We believe that LEMFO is one of the most prolific companies in terms of smart watches and an example of its excellence at its best is the LEMFO LEM5 Pro. However, today we are presenting the LEMFO LF19, a smart watch that Tomtop offers in a great offer of 31%. Do not miss it!

LEMFO LF19: Design and screen
The LEMFO LF19 is made of water resistant upper material. You can even submerge it at a great depth, approximately 50 meters or 5 ATM. Therefore, it is suitable for bathing, swimming and diving without limitations. Just be careful not to press any button under the water or put it in hot water. Its design is circular like most smartwatch phones, it is black and it is much more robust, so it has the ideal appearance of a companion of sports activities. You can use it at night due to its background lighting, this is a pretty useful color for excursions and nocturnal adventures.

The watch is made of stainless steel, its screen is 1.1 inches and is made of resin; On the other hand, the straps are made of TPU, material of high durability. As for its measurements, it is an intelligent watch with a circumference of 4.5 cm and a thickness of the dial of 1.3 cm; As for the straps, they have a length of 26cm and a width of 2.2cm. Finally, its weight is 47g.

LEMFO LF19: Characteristics and functions
The LEMFO LF19 allows you to configure alarms so that you wake up in time. You can place an alarm directly on the clock and set up 3 through the phone application. In addition, it is equipped with a replaceable high capacity cell battery that has incredible durability. If it is used in the energy saving mode, it can be used up to 12 months in a row without the need for charging; in contrast, if it is used in normal mode, the battery will last approximately 8 months. Definitely the LF19 is very convenient to use if you need long-term duration in activities such as camping, climbing or hiking.

As we have mentioned several times, this watch stands out for having a very sporty style. It is special for professionals due to its precise function of the pedometer, the steps taken, the distances traveled and the calories burned. In addition, the data obtained in the activities can be loaded into the application; ideal to keep track of regular exercise and manage the progress of the physical state at any time.

The LF19 has an easy synchronization with your smartphone. This way you can receive notifications of incoming calls, SMS or applications (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Skype). However, the watch can not display the texts, it will only send you an alert by sound or vibration. Finally, you can control the camera of the mobile through your watch as a remote control. That is, when the phone is connecting to the smartwatch, open the camera, position the cell phone and press the specific clock key to control it remotely.

If you are interested in acquiring the LEMFO LF19, we invite you to visit where you will find it with a great offer of 31%. Therefore, the purchase price is $21.99.

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