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[Lowest Price] OnePlus 5 (5+128GB) Available for $519.99 [Coupon]

Last year two awesome models in face of the OnePlus 3 and 3T took the company to unseen heights. That’s why the manufacturer decided to invest more in its only-begotten smartphone. Fortunately, the next-gen OnePlus 5 has come with a number of improvements concerning the appearance as well as hardware. That was the only way to make competition to such top-notch devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi 6. These three models are always mentioned together because they are considered as the first smartphones packed with the latest creation of Qualcomm, Snapdragon 835. As you know, this is the most powerful SoC for mobile devices, but each of the aforementioned companies tries to reap the maximum from it. That’s why the overall performance of those handsets will differ. On the other hand, they are blood brothers. So everything related to them should be identical. This statement is true for the pricing as well. In this sense, the Xiaomi Mi 6 has been in the best position. It’s been considered as the best choice in terms of hardware-price ratio. But the OnePlus 5 is actively promoted, that means you can always find coupons allowing you to get your hands on this amazing devices for a lower price tag. This is the case. This OnePlus 5 deal will let you acquire it for only $519.99 if applying the coupon (code: oneplus5global). If you still doubt whether this device deserves the pricing, keep on reading to find out the key features of the OnePlus 5.

Actually, the OnePlus 5 can be considered as one of the fastest smartphones in the globe. It’s packed with the Snapdragon 835 chip as well as an 8GB of RAM, that makes this device faster than the iPhone 7 Plus. Many think why the OnePlus 5 with its Snapdragon 835 chip is compared with Apple’s iPhone when they are quite different handsets. But the truth is that this handset has been complained in copying the latter’s design. Thus many think it’s the closest rival to the iPhone 7. Regardless the fact whether the OP5 looks identical to the iPhone 7 or not, it comes with an impressive list of enhanced hardware such as 5.5-inch FHD screen, 128GB of built-in storage, 16MP front camera, 16+20MP rear shooter, 3300mAh battery, and much more. It also runs on Oxygen OS 3.6 based on Android 7.1.1. This decent list of specs makes many people think of it as a flagship killer.

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Like many other top-end smartphones the OnePlus 5 immediately gets sold out status once appeared at a retailer. So if you have been looking for this handset, it’s highly recommended to get your own buy hitting the Buy button below not to miss your chance of getting the OnePlus 5 for the best price. Do not forget to use the coupon (code: oneplus5global) to buy it for only $519.99!

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