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MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus: 4K Netflix & Youtube Stream Just Got Real in $38.99 (Coupon)

Maybe you criticize Chinese TV boxes because of their laggy software support. But not all budget-friendly TV Boxes are like that. Everyone wants 4K streaming for the best price, and the fun gets double when a Chinese TV Box features Netflix and Youtube under the same resolution. Our today’s protagonist is such a TV Box from the Chinese land which would not disappoint you with the price tag of $38.99 with a coupon code of GBM8SPK. So, it’s a win-win situation here. MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box is worth of a title:

The Cheapest Chinese TV Box which supports 4K Streaming on Youtube NetFlix

Let’s move on and peek into the details:

Design Connectivity

Starting with the appearance, MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus appears to be a simple TV Box like the other budget-friendly TV Boxes in the market. It’s for those users who don’t want a stylish one like Mi TV Box under a tight budget. If you want a much cheaper TV Box with 4K Playback, SUNVELL T95D TV Box is also a good alternative.

MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featured

M8S Pro Plus is a plain square shaped TV Box with the name and model illustrated on the top. There’s a thin bezel surrounding the plastic chassis which makes it a bit elegant. But, the design isn’t the strong point of the product after all.

MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featuredMeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box featured

Moving to the connectivity, we have divided it into two subcategories:

  • Wired Connectivity
  • Wireless Connectivity

In the wired section, we have numerous ports situated on the sides of MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box. On the rear, we have AV, RJ45 (Ethernet), HDMI, and a power DC port. Meanwhile, on the left side, we have two standard USB 2.0 ports (sports U-disk) and a TF card slot. I guess nothing more is needed. Although we have no USB 3.0 or Type-C, it’s fair under that price tag.MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box ports

Meanwhile, the wireless connectivity has some downside. First, MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box has a single band 2.4G Wifi instead of a dual band. Moreover, there isn’t any Bluetooth module under the hood. But still, something is better than nothing.

Hardware Features

Under the hood, we have the famous Amlogic S905X Quad Core SoC coupled with two gigs of RAM and 16GB storage (expandable to 32GB with SD card). The 64-bit architecture enables the hardware to run to the extremities. As it’s a TV Box, so the graphics (Penta-core ARM Mali-450) are the highlight here instead of CPU while attaining the lowest price. That’s why we won’t find a 10nm Snapdragon 835, and 8GB RAM. Moreover, even we won’t find Helio X10 under that price.

MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box 4K Mode

Heading to the features, the great feature of the TV Box is something you already know from the heading, which is the 4Kx2K playback and support. Unlike, other 4K TV Boxes, the 4K frame rates are maximum (60 fps).


But what if the feature we mentioned is only the appetizer. That’s right, the real deal or we say the real feature is yet to mention. The system supports HDR 10, HLG HDR enhancement which enhances the image or video quality to the extreme. As a result, we see a sharp, high contrast image with stunning depth of field. This is something which is rare in TV Boxes under $35.

MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box 4K Mode

The H.265 4K @60fps 10btis and VP9 Profile 2 decoders ensure that we witness a flawless 4K video experience with countless different formats. Even if a certain doesn’t run with the player, you can download another alternative like KM player from the app store. Under that price, the TV Box is worthy of giving a shot.

Operating System

Most of the Chinese TV Boxes are too slow in software support and update. There are some TV Boxes which are running on Android 6.0. However, that’s not the case with our protagonist. MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus TV Box runs on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. Therefore, the OS serves as the selling point of the TV Box. An affordable price tag and a top software support, what else a user needs from China.

mecool m8s pro plus-tv-box-settings

The above picture shows the screenshot of the OS. Youtube and Netflix are available as well as a Kodi 16.1 from the app store. Plus, you can download more apps and games as well and enjoy the 4K resolution on every app unless your TV isn’t 4K. If not then why will you need a 4K supporting TV Box if you don’t have a 4K TV? There are other apps and features like Miracast, Airplay and more.

Specification Sheet

Pros Cons


  • 4K 30 fps Playback and Support
  • Numerous Connectivity Options
  • HDR 10, HLG HDR Enhancement
  • Android 7.0 and good software support
  • Budget-friendly


  • Plain Design
  • No USB 3.0 ports
  • Limited 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • No Bluetooth

Price Availability of MeCOOL M8S PRO Plus

If you are interested you can buy MeCOOL M8S PRO PLUS TV Box on GearBest. It has a price tag of $45.99. However, you can get it for a discounted price of $38.99 with the coupon code applied:


Here’s the link to the store:

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