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Meizu M20 Review: Two-way Fast Charging PowerBank

Two years ago, at the Meizu MX5 conference, the company announced its first powerbank dubbed as the Meizu M10. It was a great external battery designed well and powered by a 10.000mAh capacity battery supporting mCharge bidirectional fast charging. The latter allowed the powerbank to charge up to 25% in 10 minutes only. The M10 can be used to charge the MX5 for 2.5 times, the iPhone 6S for 4.5 times or the iPad mini for 1 time. Actually, there have been too many protection features as well as quality inspection processes. Thanks to great design and useful features this model could provide up to 50 million yuan ($7.5 million) sales in two weeks. But we won’t stuck on it as we are going to review the Meizu M20.

The second-gen M20 powerbank has been announced two years after the first model was out. It came on September 20, 2017, at the special event dedicated to the Meizu M6, another addition to the Blue Charm line. Thus it took two years from the manufacturer to design the second-gen M20. In comparison to the previous model, it comes with a two-way fast charge option with an output power of 24W and charging speed increased by 30%. The input power is now 18W, while the 10.000mAch capacity can be filled in 3.5 hours.

Meizu M20

The Meizu M20 comes in four colors – gray, magenta, grass green, and military blue. We are going to take a closer look at the magenta version.

The top of the box has a big cut to showcase the product. This is an old marketing trick that allows the companies not to print the product’s photo onto the top but view it.

Meizu M20Meizu M20

The back carries all the important information about the powerbank.

Meizu M20

In addition to the external battery, the product comes with a USB Type-A – Micro USB charging cable and a warranty card.

Meizu M20Meizu M20

As for the appearance, the Meizu M20 looks identical to the M10. It comes with a translucent shell providing a feeling of a matte texture. As the company says, the design is inspired by a simple aesthetic from antiquity. It feels good and the exterior curve hugs the streamlined curve of your palm.

Meizu M20

The Meizu logo is on the front, while the back carries the battery capacity information as well as a couple of other data such as the two-way fast charge support.

Meizu M20Meizu M20

 The top side carries a USB and mini HDMI ports, four LED lights, and a power button.

Meizu M20

The bottom side comes with only some info on CE an FCC certifications.

Meizu M20

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This is a mobile power, which means it’s been made to charge phones and other devices. So we should understand how long it will take to charge the powerbank itself and how many times it can charge this or that phone. To understand the latter we have prepared two phones with different fast charge technology supports. One of those devices is the ZUK Z2 supporting QC2.0, while the second one is the Huawei Mate 9 supporting ultra-high SuperCharge.

When we started the test the Meizu M20 showed there was remaining 100% power, while the ZUK Z2 power was 8%. We used POWER-Z charge detector to monitor the entire process and recorded date for every 10 minutes.

As the photo below shows, the phone gets fully charged in 2 hours, and the charging power didn’t exceed 24W. Moreover, the charging power began declining after 50% of charging (from 9.6W to 0.9W).

When we started charging the Mate 9, three LED lights were indicating there was remaining only 75% of power. This phone has only 8% of power, as well. As the Meizu M20 supports Huawei’s fast charge technology, it showed 8.4V of output voltage during the test. That’s why it charged the phone fully in 1 hour and 57 minutes. Moreover, it filled up to 24% after 10 minutes. As for charging speed, after 50 minutes, it slowed down. But we forgot to mention the ZUK Z2 battery is 3500mAh, while the Huawei Mate 9 sports a 4000mAh capacity battery.

However, there was a remaining power of 35%. A simple calculation shows the actual capacity is 7250mAh.

Well, we already understood what a performance the Meizu M20 provides when it comes to charging other devices. But what about its charging? This product supports up to 18W fast charging via the 5V / 4.5A charging head.

Actually, the charge head supports three fast charge modes – 5V / 2A, 4.5V / 5A, and 5V / 4.5A. Plus it supports two input modes – 5-9V / 2A and 9-12V / 1.5A.

During the test, the Meizu M20 showed the following results – 50-100% (8.4W ? 4.4W) and 75-100% (4.4 ? 0W).

However, the actual output is 8.4W that means it doesn’t mean the official data of 18W. On the other hand, the Meizu M20 fully charges in 257 minutes, which is very close to the official information of 210 minutes.

The Meizu M20 is priced at 169 yuan ($26), which is a good pricing for a powerbank supporting two-way fast charging. But let’s see what improvements have been made in comparison to the Meizu M10. First, both models come with the same design, but the body length has been increased by 5mm, the width has been increased by 1mm, and the weight has become lighter by 4g. Second, though the company [roves the M20 supports up to 24W fast charge and it supports a number of fast charge protocols, the actual test showed no changes have been made in comparison to the previous model. So we should state the manufacturer has made a stylish and trendy powerbank, but hardly, it can compete with the newly launched Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C.

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