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Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus to Ship on August 4: Price Tags Revealed

All top smartphone makers in China have launched their flagship devices but Meizu. The latter is going to announce the Meizu Pro 7 only next month on July 26. Well, the hour is nearly upon us. But when it will ship and how much it will cost have not been known till today.

While many manufacturers try to come in with bezel-less screens, Meizu has been working on a dual-screen. As you know, the upcoming model will be the first in its type coming with a second small screen on the back. Thus the front panel of the Meizu Pro 7 looks identical to other Meizu models, while the rear of the phone differs a lot. Meizu calls it smartbar. The latter has been designed to view some info including time, date, calls, messages and other notifications.

Meizu Pro 7

Obviously, the Meizu smartbar has been made with a certain goal in mind. I mean it does a certain function. But what about the design? We have already seen the Meizu E2 that came with a camera flash lights placed right on the antenna ribbon.

Now, this manufacturer is going to launch another innovative smartphone in face of the Meizu Pro 7, which will be packed with an E-ink screen. It’s also rumored the phone will sport a 5.2-inch 1080p display, dual-camera with Sony IMX386 + IMX286 sensors (12MP+12MP), 16MP front shooter, and USB Type-C. Some sources also claim there will be two variants. The larger model dubbed as the Meizu Pro 7 Plus will come with identical features, but the screen will be the way larger and it will be equipped with an Exynos 8890 chip instead of MeidaTek X30.

Well, we know more or less about the key features of the Meizu Pro 7. Today its price details have been disclosed also. It turns out the Pro 7 will be priced at 2799 yuan ($109) and 3299 yuan ($482) depending on memory. As for the Meizu Pro 7 Plus, it will cost 3299 yuan and 3799 yuan ($555). Finally, the ship date is set to be August 4.

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