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Minimalism–Fashion Attitude of BLUBOO S1 (Stylish Photos Inside)

Are you still puzzled by the wide variety of cumbersome mobile phones on the market? Recently, BLUBOO S1 real shot exposed. When pursuing luxurious style in the phone industry, BLUBOO S1 starts in the back, thinking outside the box, to go for the little design on phone. Bustling, only simple is the last king.Bluboo S1

This time, BLUBOO S1 upholds design concept of “Simplification” to create the latest model BLUBOO S1.The front panel adopts Sharp HD display, Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 and Tri-bezel-less to achieve 90% Screen-to-body Ratio. The rear panel uses Organic Glass to make light transmittance up to 96% possible.

The entire rear panel design is extremely simple, the first use of vertical design on BLUBOO logo highlights the seamless combination of silver logo and dark, high transparency of the glass panel. It can be said that buying BLUBOO S1 is equivalent to buy a handset full sense of the design and a mirror!Bluboo S1
More surprises also lie in the organic reinforced plastics adopted by BLUBOO S1. Reinforced plastic frame not only has a ceramic-like texture but also owes a more solid and environment-friendly feature. After the numerous forging process, BLUBOO S1 ultimately shows smooth and delicate lines with perfectly seamless combination of the front and rear panels. Cobblestone-like body characterises with portability and comfortable grip that the metal ones can never match!

Bluboo S1Bluboo S1
For more details about BLUBOO S1, you can refer to the official website

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