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Monument Valley 2 is finally coming to Android on November 6th

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley II hits Android on November 6th, finally giving fans of the original the chance to get in on all the fun that’s offered by the sequel.

“Mothers are hardly ever present in video games, and when they are they’re usually something that’s vulnerable that you need to protect,” Ustwo studio lead Dan Gray told The Verge back in June. “Usually their entire character is summarized by the fact that they have a child and not much else. With Monument Valley 2, she’s not only there to protect and bestow knowledge on her child, she’s also very influential and powerful within the world of Monument Valley.”

Hopefully UsTwo can earn some money on the platform this time. In 2015, the studio revealed that a mere five percent of Monument Valley installs were “paid for.”

The rest, bar a “small number” of exceptions were obtained illegally. Piracy isn’t a new problem for Android but does affect the business model and, ultimately, livelihood of small game developers. UsTwo is a little different because its business spans many disciplines, including commercial app development, and therefore isn’t solely reliant on Monument Valley revenue. Still, the sequel is a cracker, and one we feel is more than worthy of its $5 asking price.

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