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Moto E4 Plus explodes in user’s pocket in India, leaving burns on body

We all know what happened last year with the Galaxy Note 7. Due to the battery issues, the phone started exploding and so, the company had to recall the device from all over the world, resulting in a huge loss. After that incident, we have seen a lot of cases where phones from different manufacturers exploded. Now, Motorola has also joined the list as recently; the Moto E4 Plus exploded in the pocket of a man in India that left burns on the leg and cuts in the fingers.

Moto E4 Plus Exploded

The incident happened in Bhatar Block near Purba Burdwan in West Bengal, and Buddhadeb Pal is the user whose phone exploded. As per him, the phone became very hot in his pocket, and when he took it out and threw it on the floor, the phone exploded after a few seconds. Sparks were seen coming out of the back panel. It is worth mentioning that the Moto E4 Plus packs a huge 5,000mAh battery under the hood. In this incident, the user got some cuts on the fingers and also burns on the leg.

Moto E4 Plus Exploded

He said that he had ordered the device a month back from Flipkart and after this incident, he is very scared to use smartphones. Buddhadeb has not filled any complaint regarding this but he went to the service center, and they assured him that he would be provided a new unit of the Moto E4 Plus as a free replacement.

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