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[Must-Have Product] Xiaomi Mi 6 at $389.99 ONLY [COUPON]

Currently, there are too many smartphone makers and each of them launches at least one flagship per year. This makes the manufacturers come in with different campaigns to boost sales. But if a smartphone doesn’t sport innovative features and is not capable of providing acceptable performance, no promo will help it. The Xiaomi Mi 6 is one of the best smartphones available nowadays. Moreover, it is offered at the best price if taking into account the specs it comes with. So seems no need for a promo campaign to sell this amazing handset. But Xiaomi and GearBest do not think so. This version with 64GB storage is offered at only $389.99 if applying the coupon (code: mi6gb4gb). So if you have been looking for the best Xiaomi handset, this is a unique chance to get it.

Xiaomi Mi 6

There are tons of reasons to praise the Xiaomi Mi 6 for, but we shouldn’t waste time on it. Most likely all you are aware of its key features from our Xiaomi Mi 6 review. So it’s better to take a quick look only at those specs that affect customers when buying a new smartphone. First, the Mi 6 is the first Chinese smartphone sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chip, which is known as the most powerful mobile SoC in the globe. Moreover, Xiaomi was the third brand announcing an SND835-powered smartphone after Samsung and Sony. Thus it competes with not only domestic manufacturers but abroad as well. Other than that, the Xiaomi Mi 6 sports a dual-camera with two 12MP sensors. The latter supports 2x optical zoom, 4-axis OIS, and tons of camera features. The rest of specs include a 5.15-inch Full HD IPS screen, 6GB of RAM, 8MP front shooter, 4G LTE support, USB Type-C, 3350mAh battery, and MIUI8 based on Android 7.1.1.

This phone has been compared with too many top brand flagships, and it always showcased great results. So, paying $389.99 you will acquire one of the best smartphones that beats all of its rivals. Let us give to the coupon code:




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