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No.1 A11 (aka Vphone A11) Rugged Mobile Phone Announced

Recently we reviewed new rugged smartphones in face of the AGM X2 and Ulefone Armor 2. The former model belongs to the high-end category and shows a top-notch smartphone can be solid as well. The second model has been made for the mid-range market. Thus rugged smartphones can be packed with good hardware as well. Moreover, some of them can even look identical to regular smartphones in terms of appearance. Probably, the best example is the Nomu S20. But who says a rugged phone should be a smartphone? I mean the same Nomu has launched a rugged mobile phone dubbed as the Nomu T10 at $59.99 only and benefited a lot. So why the same can’t be done by other manufacturers? Recently, a very popular Chinese company known for its smartwaches, rugged smartphones, and for the world’s smallest touchscreen smartphone announced the next device that made a huge stir around it. The main reason why it happened is related to the form factor the No.1 A11 comes with. As you guess, this is a regular mobile phone with high protection.

No.1 A11

Usually, people who spend too much time outdoors or who has an active lifestyle prefer rugged phones. They do not care about the look of their phones, but they want it to do certain things such as sporting a solid body, being comfortable for making calls, providing good antenna signal, etc. In this sense, the No.1 A11 rugged mobile phone meets all requirements.

No.1 A11

The first thing you should know about this device concerns its body. The No.1 A11 comes with a housing using polycarbonate as well as glass fiber. It also uses a double-injection molding technology for excellent cushioning performance. Plus, the phone has a bilateral anti-skid texture frame that provides higher anti-drop and anti-pressure performance. As you can guess, it has an IP68 waterproof certificate that means the phone can be immersed into the water under 1 meter and left there for up to 30 minutes. The No.1 A11 is all-around dust-proof.

No.1 A11

The second selling points of the No.1 A11 concerns the connectivity. It supports dual-SIM cards. But what’s more amazing it can catch the signal wherever you go. This phone has been made especially for those who often play through rafting, climbing, and other harsh environments. Usually, when people spend more time outdoors, they want to listen to music or radio. The A11 provides great FM radio performance for this purpose.

No.1 A11

As for the rest of features, this mobile phone comes with a 30W camera allowing users to record the route and help you go back. On the top, you can find a flashlight with a range of 30 meters. At last, the No.1 A11 is packed with a 1300mAh battery that provides up to 8 days of a lifetime. It can be also used as a powerbank charging a smartphone via the USB port.

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