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Nubia Z17 mini Camera Review: It’s About Software

Last year in March ZTE launched the first dual-camera phone for its Nubia line dubbed as the M2. The manufacturer came in with another device sporting two cameras a few days back. The new dual-camera smartphone of ZTE is called the Nubia Z17 mini.

Nubia Z17 mini

This phone caries a name, which may distract many people. I mean the Z17 doesn’t mean the manufacturer has already managed to come in with up to 17 Z series smartphones. ZTE explains it in a curious way – ’17 sounds homophonic’. However, today we are not going to talk about the all features of this amazing phone, but we are going to review its selling point – the dual-camera. Before we start, take a look at its key features that include a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, Snapdragon 653 processor, 6GB of RAM, 64GB of built-in memory, 2950mAh battery and others.

The camera of this phone comes with an IMX258 RGB color sensor + IMX258 MONO black and white sensor. There is also PDAF support, f/2.2 aperture, and EIS. If you remember this sensor can be found on other Chinese devices such as the Meizu E (aka Meizu M3E) and Xiaomi 5S Plus.

To understand this technology quickly just think on it in the following way. The RGB sensor is responsible for the color part of a photo, while the MONO black and white is responsible for sketching the details of the screen.

In addition to the dual camera lens, the Nubia Z17 mini comes with a NeoVision 6 customized image engine that provides a variety of shooting modes, manual control and comprehensive options. The rear camera also supports real-time adjustments when switched to portrait mode. Those adjustments refer to the degree of background blur, dim depth effect, f/1.0-f/16.0 aperture support, 3D beatification and so on.

Nubia Z17 mini

Daytime Shooting

Most of smartphones even from low-end niche are capable of taking good shots. So it is as easy as pie for the Nubia Z17 mini. To prove my words I am offering to take a peek at the samples below. As you can see, anything in these photos are seen clearly. Even the smallest details can be noticed.

Nubia Z17 mini Nubia Z17 mini

Nubia Z17 mini

Nubia Z17 mini

Zoom 100%

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

Zoom 100%Nubia Z17 mini Nubia Z17 mini

Macro Shooting

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

Nighttime Shooting

Generally, taking daytime photos is a warm-up for reviewers. Accordingly, nighttime shooting is an ‘ultimate test.’ The main reason why I express in this way is related with the fact most smartphones come with camera software customized for this deal. But when it comes to taking photos at low light conditions many manufacturers are not able to provide anything worthy. Fortunately, this is not the case. The Nubia Z17 mini is capable of capturing photos with less noise, detailed texture and so on.

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

As you can see in the photos above, the phone maintains a relatively smooth picture transition.

The Nubia Z17 mini is a camera phone we can play for hours. The most impressive feature of this camera is considered to be Clone. Choosing the option you can clone any object you want in the same shooting background. Look what funny photos we have got.

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

Stereo camera

We know there are too many phones allowing users to take 3D photos. But Nubia has gone a step further and it allows us to use this function in panorama mode. It also works very easy. You only have to tap the corresponding icon to start taking a three-dimensional photo. Once it’s done view the photo via the gyroscope.

Black and white camera

As there is a separate MONO lens we can use it for shooting black and white photos. But do not think the second sensor won’t take participation in this process. Vice versa, it will be responsible for sketching the details.

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

Time camera

This effect allows users to select the object you want to stay in focus, while the rest of the photo will get blurred making it looking like passing through time.

Nubia Z17 miniNubia Z17 mini

We have seen too many dual-camera smartphones including the Huawei P10, Xiaomi Mi 6 and other top brand devise. But the Nubia Z17 mini belongs to the mid-range category. Therefore, we have to compare it with the phones from the same niche. In this sense, the Nubia Z17 mini is the best option. Moreover, we have to write down this is one of the best phones coming with a great camera software. Thus the manufacturer has designed a cameraphone, which is capable of taking great shots thanks to software not hardware. At last, it costs only $299.99.

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