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[Quick Deal] Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C at $28.99 [Flash Sale]

Xiaomi is the number one power bank maker in the globe. It has sold the most powerful banks in the world. Many wonder how this could happen. But there is no secret. This manufacturer always comes with new models that use the latest technologies. The same is true for the Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C. This awesome battery has been announced recently. It’s considered to be the cheaper version of the second-gen Mi power bank. But this doesn’t mean it yields its predecessor. Vice versa, the Mi Power Bank 2C supports two-way charging as well as fast charge technology. Actually, we are dealing with a great power bank at a capacity of 20.000mAh. The actual output capacity is 13.000mAh due to the improved conversion rate of 93%. This capacity is sufficient for charging the Xiaomi Mi 5X for 4.3 times or the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 for 3.8 times. At the moment, it is priced at $28.99, which is cheaper by 20% in comparison to the original pricing.

Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C

The Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C looks identical to the second-gen model, but it is larger in size. This is the smallest model in the market with such a capacity battery and two-way charging option. Thereafter, the thickness of the Mi PowerBank 2C remains the same, but the length and width have been increased. The overall dimensions are 149.5mm * 69.6mm * 23.9mm that affect the weight as well (from 330.5g to 358g). Generally, there are three jacks – micro USB input port supporting 5V2A / 9V2A fast charge, and two USB-A output ports supporting 5.1V2.4A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A fast charge. However, only one of those output ports can provide a fast charging when two ports are connected to devices. The next one will charge the phone at the regular 5V output. At last, the Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C comes with temperature protection, short circuit protection, input overvoltage protection, and a power display button to show the current power status once is tapped.

The required price is valid for only 100 pieces. So you have to hurry up. If you need more information about the second-gen Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 2C, here are the unboxing photos and the review in details.

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