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SHARP’s Upcoming Phone Complete Specs Leaked on GFXBench: A Weird 2040×1080 resolution!

Before the release, most of the smartphones undergo GFXBenchmarking and the leaks associated to the benchmark turns out to be true. Several phones such as Xiaomi Mi 5s, OnePlus 5, and OPPO R11 complete specifications. This time, it’s none other than the SHARP’s upcoming phone leaked on GFXBench.

SHARP's new Phone leaked on GFXBench

Recently, a mysterious device named as “SHARP FS8016″ appeared on GFXBench database which is rumored to be SHARP’s new smartphone. The phone integrates a 5.5-inch screen but with the very strange resolution of 2040 × 1080 pixels (around 2k). The aspect ratio is also weird and is roughly 1.9:1, hinting that the flagship will be ultra-slim. Let’s see how much screen can the father of full-screen smartphones cover.

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Moreover, the heart of the flagship is Qualcomm’s octa-core CPU running at a frequency of 2.2GHz, accompanied by Adreno 512 GPU. The SoC is one other than the upcoming Snapdragon 660. Other configurations include 4GB memory, 64GB storage, 12 MP rear and 8 MP front camera, and Android 7.1.1 as the OS.

SHARP new Phone leaked on GFXBench

Summing up the leak, the configuration appears to be perfect for a mid-ender. Let’s see how SHARP goes for the screen this time. The weird resolution and aspect ratio guess to be a totally different full-screen till date. Maybe they are heading for 94% or 99% screen-to-body ratio, who knows? We will find out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.


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