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Special Gearbest World Cup Promo: Get Three Items For $10

In less than two months, we will experience the world’s largest Futbol Mundial – THE WORLD CUP which will be held in Russia. As of now, we have already started seeing our peeps with the world cup customized shirts and boots and surely, you don’t wanna miss out. Are you a football fan? Or you just love the noise and fun from the game of football, then hit the links below to get a glimpse of amazing deals due to Russia 2018.  Here, Gearbest has provided a perfect opportunity for its numerous customers to get their desired product for cheap. In this promo, there are 8 categories from which you can select any item of your choice but NO 4 category is quite interesting. The categories are

  1. Flagship Gear
  2. Flash Sale
  3. Lucky Bags
  4. Choose Any 3 For 10 Dollars
  5. Mobile Phones
  6. Top Tech Gear
  7. Your Lifestyle
  8. Pure Fashion

Flagship Gear

In this category, we have the hottest product in recent times. Remember the Xiaomi projector? Which costs about $1899? It is still one of the best selling projectors in the market and more units are been requested daily. We also have the newly released Xiaomi Redmi S2 which goes for about $155 and other products.

Flash Sale

In truth, there is absolutely nothing special about this category as we see flash sale deals everyday. But if you are curious to know what is in this category, we have the likes of the finger size Quelima SQ12 Mini 1080P FHD DVR, the Lenovo Cardio Plus HX03W Smartband, the high demand Xiaomi Populele APP LED Bluetooth USB Smart Ukulele and other items

Lucky Bags

If you are used to taking the risk with luck bags, then Gearbest has lucky bags between $2 and $18. All these lucky bags contains specific generic for instance – a toy lucky bag. You may purchase a lucky bag for $6 and get items worth $30. That’s the beauty of a lucky bags. It is very cool for purchasing toys for your kids.

Choose ANY 3 for $10

This is a very interesting category and you do not have to take any risk. All you have to do is purchase any three item of your choice and it will cost you just $10. For example, the SENLAN PC Sunglasses, SAHOO 411429 Cycling Gloves, and the HXSJ X20 Wireless Optical Gaming Mouse collectively costs about $16 but if you buy three of them together, you will pay just $10. Interesting right? You also have other categories that give you amazing deals and coupons. Just hit the link below and have fun. Cheers.

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