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The global version of the long-awaited MIUI 10 will soon reach the Redmi Note 5 Pro, and many more devices

As we know, our beloved Chinese company, Xiaomi, finally made the long awaited announcement of the global version of its latest operating system, MIUI 10, which was carried out at the Redmi Y2 launch event. Due to this, it was a matter of time for the beta version of this ROM to be expanded to a series of devices coming from the company.

With regard to which devices are going to have MIUI 10, it is known that the list will be great, but only the best models will get this beta version first. Among these large models are the following: the Mi MIX 2, the Mi MIX 2S, the Redmi S2 and the Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) / Redmi Note 5.

Smartphones with MIUI 10

How to configure MIUI 10 on your smartphone?

If you have any of the mentioned phones and are currently running the global beta version of MIUI 9, in order to configure and activate MIUI 10, all you have to do is verify your configuration by manually searching for the update. Simply go to Settings About phone System updates Check for updates.

Having said that, we must clarify a small detail, and that is that users who have the stable ROM of the system, will not be able to use the global version until Xiaomi publishes a special ROM for them.

How to configure MIUI 10 on your smartphone?

These are the new features that this operating system provides us

This new Xiaomi operating system, MIUI 10, reaches users with a lot of new, functional and impressive features, including a new browser, Vault App, improved search and progressive web applications. The beta ROM version of MIUI 10 is 8.6.14.

The new release was announced in the MIUI forum, and Xiaomi is expected to roll out stable releases in September and, in addition, the stable compilation will be for many more devices than those described above. For the moment, Xiaomi has already started working on the Chinese versions of this ROM, and the update schedule is already described for the variants released in this country.

These are the new features that MIUI 10 provides us

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