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TomTop Deal: Andoer HDV-534K Digital Video Camera For $94 (Coupon)

When it comes to capturing the best memorable moments, professional photographers are sometimes lost in their choice for the best brands, that is why it is important to capture this moment with the right camera which brings us to the Andoer HDV-534K Vidoe camera, the digital camera is the device you should go for. with the wide range of its vivid camera, point, and shoot which is now available at Tomtop for an affordable amount of $94.4 with coupon code  LSRAD10.Andoer HDV-534K Digital Video Camera

The Andoer HDV-534K has a 3inch  capacitive touchscreen, which gives you a wider vision and faster response. It comes with an Infrared Night Vision which allows you take pictures at night and also in a dimly lit room.  Andoer HDV-534K can be mounted on a tripod stand with the ¼“ at the bottom of the camera. It also has great functions like anti-shaking which allows you to take images in motion without appearing blurred, with the face and motion detection features.

Andoer HDV 534K video camera comes with  Novatek 96660 chipset and for Panasonic 34110 13MP CMOS sensor. It can shoot 4k ultra HD video with its resolution of 2880 Pixel * 2160 Pixels and 48MP super high definition photos with its resolution of 9212  Pixel * 5184 Pixels. The pictures are more vivid and clearer. Its Digital zoom is 16X., The digital video camera, and its video quality is much better than 1080 Pixels 24MP.Andoer HDV-534K Digital Video Camera

Unlike the common and regular digital cameras around that uses a small battery, the Andoer HDV 534K comes with 3.8V 2500mAh lithium polymer battery. It has a higher voltage and bigger capacity which ensures fast charging and longer battery life for shooting experience.  HDV has two card slots, you can either insert a secure digital memory card which supports up to 64GB or the T-flash card (Both are compatible).

Its connectivity includes; WIFI, USB 2.0, two card slot which you can insert a  memory card or a T-flash card (both are compatible).It supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Mac 10.210.2. Get it now for $94.40 using the copon-  LSRAD10. This offer is valid until November 10 while stock lasts.

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