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Update HTC One M8 to Android 6.0 with Official CM 13 Nightlies


HTC One M8 users are now means to peep a initial CM 13 Nightly builds regulating a instructions listed in this article.

Check all a info in this post and we will simply learn how to successfully peep a code new tradition ROM for your phone.

The CM 13 Nightlies are formed on Android 6.0 Marshmallow AOSP builds. Besides all a batch Marshmallow functions and facilities we will be removing other improvements and elements designed by a CyanogenMod team. Read some-more about this recover here.

Check a following discipline before starting a designation routine of this new tradition ROM:

  • use this post usually with a HTC One M8 smartphones.
    – note that we shouldn’t use this post for any other opposite Android devices.
  • your phone has to be secure and it should run a latest chronicle of CWM or TWRP Recovery.
    – a commissioned tradition Recovery has to be updated to a latest version, so that it supports a latest Android 6.0 builds.
    – theoretically any tradition Recovery that is formed on CWM or TWRP will work for this installation, though we should ensue with counsel and ascent a commissioned Recovery.
  • the ‘how-to’ partial of this post contains dual additional credentials steps: a NANDROID BACKUP and Factory Reset.
    – a NANDROID ROM Backup creates a full revive indicate for your device, one that we can use in box a new CM 13 ROM doesn’t foot after a designation is done.
    – a Factory Reset has to be practical in sequence to mislay a aged ROM and concede a new CM 13 Nightly ROM to foot successfully.
    – bureau resetting a device won’t mislay any information from a inner storage, though it clean a complement memory partition.
    – a ‘factory reset’ will mislay a commissioned apps from your device.
  • if we need to save information from applications use a Helium apparatus for Android.
    – don’t use Titanium Backup since CyanogenMod ROMs aren’t ancillary it.
    – sync information from Contacts with your default Gmail account.
  • use this post usually if we are an modernized user, we can't be hold obliged in box we territory your device nor in box we remove any information in a process.
  • read a whole beam and do not skip any steps.
  • check battery assign turn of your device, make certain that it is over 50%, as it will forestall a phone from powering off during a designation process.

Note that we can continue installing destiny new CM 13 Nightly builds regulating a CyanogenMod Updates menu. It can be found underneath a About Phone territory and installing new Nightly builds is rarely recommended, as with any new Nightly that gets expelled we will get a improved and some-more fast OS.

How to implement CM 13 Android 6.0 Nightly ROM for HTC One M8:

  1. Download a CM 13 Nightly zip from here.
  2. Download Gapps for Android 6.0 ROMs from here.
  3. Move both zip files on to your phone’s inner storage.
    – after a files are copied we can undo a phone from PC.
    – do not remove a zip contents.
  4. Power off a phone.
  5. Next, foot it in Custom Recovery Mode.
  6. Create a full NANDROID Backup for a already commissioned ROM:
    – CWM: name ‘backup and restore’.
    – for TWRP name ‘backup’.
    – endorse a process.
  7. Now we can bureau reset a device:
    – CWM: name ‘wipe data/ bureau reset’ process.
    – name ‘Wipe’ options for TWRP.
    – confirm.
  8. Start a CM 13 Nightly designation process:
    – CWM: name ‘install zip from sdcard’, afterwards ‘choose zip from sdcard’.
    – TWRP: name ‘install’ option.
  9. Find a CM 13 Nightly zip and endorse a flashing process.
    – note that a designation will take during slightest 5 minutes, don’t press any buttons until all files are finished installing.
  10. When a CM 13 ROM has finished installing we can peep a Gapps zip, too.
    – use a same actions as in step 8 in sequence to find a Gapps file.
  11. Reboot your phone in normal mode after all a new files are flashed.
    – a initial foot of this new ROM will take a while before it loads.

When a ‘optimizing apps’ shade appears we will know that a designation routine has been finished and we can tighten this tutorial.

If a initial foot of CM 13 ROM takes some-more than 20 mins and your HTC One M8 device hasn’t left past a foot animation screen, or it has entered in a foot loop, afterwards we will be forced to try and repeat a whole beam some-more than once.

If we repeat a educational afterwards we will have to make certain not to skip any stairs and that your phone meets a mandate listed above a tutorial.

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