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Update Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM


Nokia X is good Android device generally for a entrance turn users who wish to use a decent smartphone on a satisfactory price. Furthermore, Nokia X is a initial handset grown and expelled by Nokia that is regulating Android firmware instead of Windows platform, so a expectations are of march high. Now, if we have bought a mentioned phone and if we are looking in spicing things adult by improving a performances of your device, thereafter we should learn how to refurbish your Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 KitKat Custom ROM firmware.

Installing CM11 on Nokia X is easy, generally if we follow a discipline from below. You will be means to find all a info we need, this step by step educational being ideal for both modernized users and newbies. You should know from a start that CM 11 is not an central Android 4.4.2 KitKat refurbish expelled for your Nokia X. The program is a tradition ROM grown by third celebration devs and represents a giveaway aftermarket of Android platform. Thus, be clever when flashing this ROM as we can finish adult in bricking your device – we shouldn’t be hold obliged in box we disaster things adult and finish adult in deleterious your smartphone.

CM11 brings batch and additional Android 4.4.2 KitKat facilities and capabilities to your Nokia X. Therefore, by regulating this tradition ROM we will be means to speed things up, suffer a well-spoken and fast Android complement and urge a performances of your device. In a few lines, after flashing CM11 we Nokia X will run but lags, we will be means to mislay bloatware, implement new and formidable apps, ascent a battery life, urge a web browsing knowledge and lot more. Due to same reasons CM is one of a many renouned tradition updates accessible for a Android complement so we have all a reasons for selecting to implement a same on your Nokia X.

Before streamer to a flashing procession from below, take a notation and finish a pre requisites list from below. Don’t peep a refurbish but consulting a discipline from next as this is a many critical territory of this tutorial. Remember that this isn’t an central operation and we can finish adult in bricking your handset if something goes wrong – learn how to unbrick your Android device with ease.

  • Root entrance is being compulsory so before doing anything else base your Nokia X.
  • Be clever as by completing a mentioned operation we will blank a guaranty of your device.
  • Note: for restoring a guaranty we can name to peep batch / central Android OS on your smartphone.
  • Install a latest chronicle of CWM or TWRP liberation on your Nokia X. The CM11 refurbish will be commissioned by regulating one of a mentioned tradition liberation tools, so don’t skip this step.
  • Make a backup and save all we competence need thereafter – a clean will be compulsory so we competence remove all of your data, personal info and accounts.
  • Since a tradition liberation picture is being flashed, use a same and make a Nandroid backup for saving a stream ROM – if something bad happens we will be means to revive batch Android firmware on your Nokia X.
  • Make certain a mechanism can be used; also safeguard that your phone and a USB wire are nearby you.
  • On your mechanism invalidate a antivirus programs and any other confidence insurance in that matter – usually temporarily.
  • Then on your phone go to “menu – settings – developer options” and capacitate a USB debugging choice – if we wish to scrupulously bond your phone with your computer.
  • Your Nokia X should be charged before installing Android 4.4.2 CM11 KitKat tradition ROM. So, if there is reduction than 50% energy left, don’t go any serve but plugging in a charger.
  • Take note that this step by step beam is concordant usually with a Nokia X. So, regulating a stairs from next for flashing CM11 on a opposite Android smartphone will substantially section your device.

How to Update Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 Custom ROM

  1. On your mechanism we need to download a CM11 Custom ROM record (from here) and a Google Apps for your Nokia X (from here).
  2. Don’t unzip these files; place them on your mechanism and thereafter bond your smartphone with your PC by plugging in a USB cable.
  3. Transfer a downloaded files on your phone’s SD label and thereafter unplug a USB cord.
  4. Enter Nokia X in liberation mode.
  5. From liberation initial of all name “wipe information bureau reset” – remember to backup your information first. Then name “wipe cache partition”.
  6. Also, name “advanced” and collect “wipe dakvick cache” and thereafter lapse to categorical menu of recovery.
  7. From there name “install zip from SD card” followed by “choose zip from SD card” and collect a CM11 Custom ROM firmware.
  8. Do a same thing and name a Google Apps package and thereafter peep a same on your Nokia X.
  9. From categorical menu of liberation name “reboot complement now” and we are done.


After requesting a Android 4.4.2 KitKat refurbish your Nokia X competence get stranded in a foot loop. If that happens we should enter liberation mode once some-more and from there we should name “wipe information bureau reset” and “wipe cache partition”. Then reboot to Android OS and voila CM11 tradition ROM firmware is being regulating on your device.

Congratulations, we have successfully updated your Nokia X with CM11 Android 4.4.2 KitKat tradition ROM firmware. Just exam a new software, see how it works on your smartphone and if we find bugs or issues, don’t demur and share a same during a comments margin from below. Also, stay tighten as we will refurbish we with serve tips, tricks and Android associated step by step guides.

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