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Vivo APEX, the “concept” smartphone of MWC 2018 – 98% bezel-less

A month ago, Vivo surprised the world with the first smartphone with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. Before this, probably the bets in Vivo were not so ambitious and something like this was not expected from the manufacturer. But this year, the company is attacking with all its weapons and the new phone presented at MWC is the Vivo APEX FullView, now the phone with the highest screen ratio on the market.

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Vivo APEX features 1.8mm side and top bezels, which are said to be the thinnest in the industry. It has a lower bezel of 4.3 mm and a screen-to-body ratio that exceeds 98 percent. Naturally, Vivo’s design means that concessions had to be made. To completely eliminate the space around the top of the screen, the company had to abandon the traditional design of the headset port and the selfie camera.

“We are committed to incorporating technology and innovation into every new product that comes out of our stable and APEX is no exception, APEX’s futuristic design innovations are only a fraction of our innovation portfolio,” Alex Feng, senior vice president of Vivo, said in a statement.

Why Vivo APEX surprise us?

VIVO’s innovative technology also allows new usage scenarios, such as the new double-footprint scanning feature in APEX for greater security. The microchips mounted directly on the flexible circuit board result in the amazing display-body relationship, courtesy of a flexible OLED platform, Vivo said. The smartphone manufacturer has equipped the world’s first fingerprint scanning technology with a half screen on the APEX phone that allows the entire lower half of the OLED screen to recognize a fingerprint.

Vivo APEX, the concept smartphone of MWC 2018 - fingerprint scanner

Upon unlocking the terminal, a large white box appears, in which we must put our finger to access the device, something very different from what was presented in the previous model of the company.

Vivo X20 Plus UD was the first phone in the world to have a fingerprint sensor on the screen and had a single place on the screen where you could place your finger down to unlock. While the APEX concept has a field that occupies approximately a quarter of the phone’s screen. Once you have enrolled your fingers, you can place them anywhere within that field to unlock the phone. All thanks to an ultrasound sensor under the screen that can read fingerprints in a much wider area.

Vivo APEX, the concept smartphone of MWC 2018 - new camera

The conceptual device has an 8-megapixel front camera that rises when is necessary and retracts when is not in use. The company itself indicates that it takes only 0.8 seconds to activate, and makes a small noise that will serve as feedback to know that it is deployed. It also has Vivo Screen SoundCasting technology that sends vibrations through the screen without the need for a traditional speaker.

The Vivo APEX also introduces a new System in Package (SIP) technology to integrate the DAC and the three operational amplifiers together, reducing the need for circuit board space by almost 60 percent compared to the previous Vivo Xplay6. Vivo says that since this frees up more space inside the smartphone, this “technology can allow for larger battery size and cooling, which opens the potential for even more design improvements in future smartphones.

Vivo APEX, the concept smartphone of MWC 2018 - speaker

Will Vivo become in the design reference of the year?

Lately, we are seeing that the design is becoming an extremely important factor for manufacturers, as well as for users, that we want devices with a design that feels right at hand, and that is pleasant for the view. And this, whether we want it or not, will end with the result that, in many phones, to reduce the frames, the fingerprint reader will be changed, it will be removed, or it will move under the screen, and this seems inevitable.

The Mobile World Congress is undoubtedly the most important telephony event of the year for telephone companies that seek to publicize their new bets for the remainder of the year, while other more unknown companies show the world their products, with the intention of obtaining more visibility. As always, it is celebrated in Barcelona, Spain, and the Xiaomi Today team will follow up completely so you do not miss out on all the new releases of the year.



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