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Vivo beats Samsung and LG to Underglass Fingerprint – Prototype Phone Unveiled in Shanghai!

In Today’s tech news Vivo beats Apple and Samsung to new Underglass Fingerprint or On-Screen Fingerprint tech thanks to Qualcomm’s Second generation Ultrasonic technology. With people not really going for the Iris scanner (who can blame them, just looks weird) Vivo takes a more useful and neat approach. Innovations actually intrigue buyers, rather than better specs or more cameras. So, brace yourselves, for a new smartphone race to support fingerprint readers inside the touch panel. Samsung S9 and LG G7 anyone?

Samsung S8 was originally rumoured to feature front on-screen fingerprint but never did. Now, it seems those rumours were not false, but probably Qualcomm didn’t have the tech ready in time. While it works there are still a few noticeable shortcomings at the moment like only working for OLED displays and slower unlock speed. Yesterday at the Shanghai Trade show Vivo demonstrated a prototype model running Qualcomm’s new tech. There was plenty of excitement, however, we got mixed reactions like Engadget’s main man Richard Lai.

I found the fingerprint recognition speed to be noticeably slower — about one second between the first touch and entering home screen — than the near-instantaneous unlock that I’m used to on most recent smartphones.

Vivo’s prototype could be the reasons, however, we believe the technology is still in early development. Expect much faster recognition with finished retail units next year. Budget and mid-range phones will also benefit, however, in different forms.

Qualcomm’s new Underglass/On-Screen Sensor – When will we see it available?

underglass fingerprint vivo on screen fingerprint qualcomm

Manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Oppo and Vivo will start releasing new phone in early 2018. Naturally, Qualcomm made this tech only available for newer Snapdragons, so no support for older models.

underglass fingerprint vivo on screen fingerprint qualcomm

Being quite versatile allows manufacturers to place it under glass or aluminium. This gives companies cheaper, yet, still cool alternatives, like having the fingerprint on the back without a physical sensor present and under the front glass.

underglass fingerprint vivo on screen fingerprint qualcomm
New Underglass Fingerprint can also measure Heart Rate!

Additionally, heart-rate on-screen measuring is made possible thanks to Qualcomm.

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