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VOYO VBook i7 Plus With a Kickstand and Stylus at $699.99

The Microsoft Surface-series products are great, but they are overpriced. Most of the customers couldn’t afford themselves to get their hands on them. In all these cases, you should look for cheaper but worthy alternatives. The market is full of Surface clones, but most of them only look identical to their founding father, while the internals are not capable of providing even the half of Surface’s performance. So if you are wondering how to find a good alternative at a lower price tag, this is the case. A new and incredible tablet PC looking like the Surface and acting like it as well is currently offered for $699.99 on GeekBuying for pre-order. Once it ships, the VOYO VBook i7 Plus will make a huge stir, undoubtedly. So as the net hasn’t started buzzing about this tablet PC, let’s get acquainted with it first.

VOYO VBook I7 Plus

Usually, when we get acquainted with the key features of a laptop or a tablet PC, we look at the screen first. But the selling point of this product is not its screen. Although, it is packed with an awesome display. Anyway, the VOYO VBook i7 Plus sports the seventh-gen Intel Core i7-7500U chip with a GeForce MX150 GPU. (Note: there is also an Intel HD Graphics 620 variant.) The latter can be found on the latest Xiaomi Air Notebook and the Pro Notebook. Both models are discounted as well, but they cost $828.99 and $998.99, respectively. Thus the VOYO VBook i7 Plus outruns them even in terms of pricing. Anyway, the chip is paired with a whopping 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD drive (M.2).

VOYO VBook I7 Plus

As you can see, the VOYO VBook i7 Plus can be considered as a high-end tablet PC. But a top-notch laptop also should come with a large battery, latest software, great connectivity options, and a high-res display. Actually, the VOYO VBook i7 Plus has nothing to worry about. It is packed with a 10.200mAh battery. It runs on Windows 10. You can find various interfaces including a USB 3.0 and USB Type-C. At last, this tablet PC is equipped with a 12.6-inch touchscreen supporting 178 degrees of viewing angle, high contrast, low glare, and (!!!) 3K resolution (2880 x 1920).

The housing is made of metal that uses a diamond cutting for a better grip. The kickstand on the back is capable of hinging at up to 178 degrees. And it supports a stylus (2048-level pressure).

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