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Xiaomi and Naver, an alliance that opens the doors to the South Korean market.

Xiaomi is a Chinese company recognized for its excellent work in the design, development, and sale of smartphones, applications and other electronic devices, which it sells in its MI stores in some countries in Asia, Europe, and Latin America and also on its website. Xiaomi has also managed to stand out in different areas of technology, from computers to various electronic devices such as televisions, tablets, portable batteries, headphones and even its own operating system called MIUI.

On the other hand, Naver is a Korean company that owns South Korea’s leading internet portal, giving Google a hard time, which despite its hegemony being the main search portal worldwide, in South Korea it can not surpass its competition, Naver.


Naver, in turn, provides a large number of services to Internet users such as a news portal that covers more than ninety media, an email service, and its greatest feat, they are owners of one of the more prominent applications of free messaging and calling, as is the Japanese LINE. They also have a very advanced and complete artificial intelligence platform called Clova, which recently joined some devices, such as LG.

An impressive strategic

These two technology companies publish their alliance to obtain a significant advance in Naver. Xiaomi will help Naver in their plans of integrating their internet services on a wide range of devices. They will even implement their Clova artificial intelligence platform in the new gadgets.

Xiaomi IoT

Xiaomi and its IoT proposal in the Korean market

This is because Xiaomi already has about 80 IoT devices planned, every one of them ready to enter the South Korean market, one of the first and big steps to leave China and go beyond its borders. At the end of 2017, Xiaomi announced a strategic partnership with the giant Baidu in the fields of IoT and artificial intelligence. They already published their intention to work hand in hand to recognize opportunities in voice recognition, deep learning and the visual capabilities of machines.

First, it was the cell phones. Now, little by little, we will see more devices of this brand in other markets.

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