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Xiaomi CIGA: The new high-resistance mechanical watch hits the market

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, shows that it is not afraid to venture into almost any kind of market. A couple of weeks ago this gave birth to a very particular watch within its extensive catalog of watches, this was the Xiaomi CIGA Design. A mechanical clock with a rather novel design, ideal for any kind of user.

Today we present the new banner of the Chinese firm in the world of dress watches, being the second model of the Xiaomi CIGA Design saga. The Xiaomi CIGA is a circular mechanical watch, which shows its delicacy in the details of the internal mechanism and its high resistance, providing a classic touch to the outfits.

Xiaomi CIGA

While the Xiaomi CIGA is a dress watch for all users who know class and style, the watch provides a great presence, becoming part of the circle of elegance. At the same time, this comes from the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi and Mijia, so, it is a product that stands out in terms of quality and guarantee, a wonderful mechanical clock that never ceases to impress us.

Xiaomi CIGA: Design

Xiaomi CIGA

Xiaomi together with Mijia decided to renew their line of mechanical watches with the Xiaomi CIGA, it has a round design, charming and sober. Millimetrically delights the formula which we love so much in its first version, letting us observe the internal mechanism of the clock; this happens to be without a doubt a banner for the brand.

In addition, the Xiaomi CIGA has a sapphire crystal which, beyond being of high quality, has an incredible resistance against bumps, falls and scratches, thanks to its thickness of 1.3 millimeters which although light and thin, gives us a long durability.

The quality of the product is impressive, its materials are of the highest quality that can exist, all this is devised by Michael Young, a famous British designer, who operates in different areas such as furniture, complements and accessories. Its design studio is based in Hong Kong and Brussels.

Xiaomi CIGA: Materials and construction

Xiaomi CIGA

The skeleton of the Xiaomi CIGA is made of a high-durability stainless steel alloy, reflecting sophistication, sobriety and resistance. The watch’s crystal is made of 1.3 mm thick sapphire and has a hardness of 9 degrees Mohs. Being almost as hard as a diamond, for that reason the glass is durable, resistant to scratches and falls. Therefore, this has become the main material used to create such a neat and refined accessory. It has two interchangeable belts, one leather and one braided appearance made of stainless steel.

Xiaomi CIGA

The construction of the watch is based on the Seagull ST2551JK, a system with moving parts at a frequency of 21,600 times per hour and provides a guarantee in a range of error between -15 and + 30 seconds every 24 hours. It should be noted that the ruby stones on which the gears rest are equal in number to 25, of which 19 are in the template of the rectangular sphere. Additionally, the product has a protection against moisture and dust, but only 3 ATM.

Xiaomi CIGA

The Xiaomi CIGA Design watches belong to the highest class of AAA, a kind of superior range of watches in the international market.

Xiaomi CIGA: Stylish award-winning mechanical watch

Xiaomi CIGA

It should be noted that the Xioami CIGA boasts a style so sophisticated and fascinating that it won the award for the best mechanical watch design of the year 2017 by the German house iF Design Award, in which its designer, Mr. Michael Young, was praised. Part of the iF jury dedicated a few words:

This watch adopts a holistic design approach, which means a new interpretation of a classic masterpiece. The attractive sensory details, such as a visible movement and a tactile crown, will be the delight of the user, while the curved face provides softness to the appearance. Michael Young has managed to impart this watch with a unique experience.

Xiaomi CIGA

Xiaomi CIGA: Specification Table

Xiaomi CIGA: Final conclusions

The Xiaomi CIGA, is the perfect innovation concept for watches of classic dress models, reflecting in a very fluid mechanism of interrelated mechanical transmission. The careful study in each of the details gives the watch both delicacy and solidity, which emphasizes the proper sense of style.

It can be a perfect complement to your outfits thanks to its colors and interchangeable strap set for any occasion. In addition, it does not generate any kind of discomfort even with the prolonged use of the product.

Xiaomi CIGA: Availability and price

If the Xiaomi CIGA aroused your interest and is thinking of acquiring it, we have good news, it is available for sale in the Aliexpress electronic store, where it is available for a price of $196.99 (€164.71). To make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we will provide you with the link that will take you directly to the product.

Buy Xiaomi CIGA on Aliexpress Buy Xiaomi CIGA on Aliexpress

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