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Xiaomi History and Story from Zero to Hero

Xiaomi is a particular company that has gone a long way. Oh, like “Chinese” like many others smartphone manufactures, however, thanks to an exciting policy implementation products and a bit of luck, sales of smartphones is growing, gaining an ever wider circle of supporters.

Do you remember the first Xiaomi smartphones? Most of you probably do not, because there was a period in the development of the company when the manufacturer was having a hard time to get a name on its home market. In addition, the first intelligent cells with their logos can largely be considered as “inspired”, which – to put it mildly – quite alluded to the current Then the smartphone market to other players. Don’t believe? Thus, look at Xiaomi Mi 1. It’s hard not to notice the inspiration iPhone, though the interface is largely referred to Samsung TouchWiz. The irony is that the manufacturer fits the characteristics of the two for a company in one which is a good thing as Samsung and Apple are leading manufactures in the world so everything is good as they copied only the good stuff residing from both.

Anyway, in the end, there must also be noted two things. Firstly, if you can actually talk about some similarities with respect to the A-brands with a brand, it’s one thing Xiaomi usually distinguished from other such areas their facilities enjoyed by high quotations among users. Mainly by three factors: a good quality of materials, satisfactory or good work culture and, of course, price-performance ratio. Probably the third prevailed, the result of what Xiaomi began to grow in the eyes.

Since 2010, when the world first heard about the manufacturer, their outfits began to gradually reflect their own vision of development, but smartphones kingdom was not and are a not likely jewel in the crown corporations but it was the Software development of New Skin named MIUI.

Xiaomi History

Bosses of the brand, the cost of which in 2012, i.e. two years after the uprising, has exceeded a billion dollars, they have an interesting idea to fill the market with their products in almost every possible segment. For a good cause, we can even conclude that smartphones, with which the manufacturer is known in India, is only the tip of the Empire company.

Do you want to buy a smart bracelet, lamp, pencil, pencil case whether the TV from Xiaomi? No problem, provided that you are able to wait for a little, until it comes to a parcel from China. The longer official website of the manufacturer, the more products that Xiaomi is a gaining, and is determined to fill the market, With an increasing number of products that for most other players do not make sense so they just focus on one or more Aspects. You can even purchase original shoes from Xiaomi. can you feel it?

Xiaomi History

Most of the smartphones in China is facing its own glass ceiling. Typically, it embodies the myth of Chinese rubbish, lack of ideas and copying the idea themselves from their Own Countries Manufacture.

The company, however, played very bravely, putting on a representative position Hugo Barr?. The guy who cut his teeth on mobile technology, working for many years in helping to create Google and Android, which controlled all the devices after the work of Xiaomi. It was at that time began to change opinion about this company. If someone like Barra, endorses face of “some Xiaomi,” it is a must have been “something really good”. Let’s agree that a man with such a reputation could dress in job offers, but chose this. Not only that, imprinted on the corporate big stigma, and by the way – perhaps unconsciously – fossilized helped revolutionize the world of smartphones.

Xiaomi History

The October 2016 year. The conference of Xiaomi. Hugo Barra presents the “standard” smartphone, for what – in visual terms – could be considered Xiaomi Mi Note 2, but that’s not all. Barra mentions that “on the occasion of” Xiaomi has created a frameless ceramic smartphone, which is called Mi Mix. It works, except that it is a product concept. But now as it’s been a year since the First Bezeless phone launch. Xiaomi tested all the Minor Drawbacks of the last year’s concept and introduced a much better version named Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Which is the Sequel And is no longer a concept but a final version which is making its way toward India also too soon.

Xiaomi History

History has it that it likes to wheel around. Xiaomi was inspired by great players. After six to seven years, when they joined the business of A-Brand, they have to deal with the issue of “equipment”. There are several manufacturers available on the market that have opted to create a phone like Mi MIx 2. Who knows, maybe one of these will also create something that will enchant people around the world?

On the flip side, it’s a strange coincidence that in only a month or two after Mi Mix was released, nearly all of the top players have develop slimming frames. Both those who do not avoid companies and innovation that are reluctant to take a look at changes, striving rather affix another generation of their merchandise. This is an excellent achievement for Xiaomi, who appears to be a brand that in the moment does not have to prove anything to anyone at the moment. Additionally, it is a characteristic of CV Hugo Barry, who decided a job offer on Facebook and no longer have some influence on the growth of products from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi History

When it comes to Xiaomi distribution, Foxconn is doing a fantastic job in India. Products with a distinctive logo give us a Break to the operator’s offer, they may be found in several consumer electronics stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, etc and financial results are up. The cash register agrees a doctrine that’s still largely based on price conflicts has also remained unchanged. Because of this, I am strangely silent about a business that, a couple of years ago, was the epitome of a typical Chinese no-name.

I’d like to see something more. “Xiaomi Island”(just saying), which works in Warsaw, even though being a step forward, doesn’t present the whole assortment of the company. I am waiting for products which might end up being a true invention. In the latter case, we are going to have to wait, although a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner on display is approaching. Maybe this waiting time will help us a while to cool down and relax after those products were published.

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