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Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector and Two Xiaomi 4K Action Camera Accessories Go On Sale

Every year on November 11 customers are offered too many various gadgets at unbelievable low price tags. This day is known as Single’s day. But retailers call it Double 11. Regardless its name this date has been always a great chance for many manufacturers to come in with new and affordable products. Xiaomi is no exception. Moreover, every year this manufacturer offers amazing devices that no one can pass by. This year is no exception. Though a week back the company announced a few new devices that should become bestsellers during Double 11 festival, today Xiaomi announced another set of new devices with the same purpose in mind. Earlier on October 21, the company announced the Xiaomi Mi TV 4C, Xiaomi Notebook Pro, and Xiaomi Mi 90 Points Smart Metal Suitcase 20. Today this company revealed three new products in face of the Xiaomi 3-axis Stabilization Brushless Handheld Gimbal, Xiaomi Sports Camera Waterproof Case, and the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector.

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Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

On August 22, Xiaomi launched the Mijia Mini 4K Action Camera priced at 699 yuan ($105). It is capable of recording 4K videos at 30fps. Apart of this, the camera provides FOV of 145 degrees, 6-axis EIS, 2.4-inch touchscreen, and weighs only 99 grams. Thus it is the most cost-effective high-end sports camera available in the market. As for now, the company announced two useful accessories for it. The first of them is the handheld gimbal priced at 699 yuan. It will go on sale on October 31.

This amazing accessory is made of an aluminum alloy material with a high degree of rigidity. Thanks to it the Xiaomi 3-axis Stabilization Brushless Handheld Gimbal comes with an increased rigidity and stability when tilting. It also uses a high-precision sensor and fully enclosed servo system with the professional LOS stabilization algorithm that provides stable and smooth image shooting in any condition. This gimbal carries a few keys for taking selfies, resetting self-timer, recording videos, and screen settings adjustment.

Xiaomi Handheld Gimbal

The Xiaomi 3-axis Stabilization Brushless Handheld Gimbal is teamed with a high precision acceleration, which detects the position of the smartphone. This means you can capture photos and record videos using any one of four different shooting modes: horizontal movement, Omni-directional movement, locking direction, and vertical mode. Moreover, this gimbal comes with a brushless motor holding. The pitch axis roll range is up to 210 degrees, while the rotation can be implemented at 360 degrees. Slow motion videos, as well as fast-paced videos with negligible distortion, can be shot easily, as it keeps the camera fixed in the same direction. But you can use it as a selfie stick as well as place it on a tripod.

The Xiaomi 3-axis Stabilization Brushless Handheld Gimbal sports a 5000mAh battery. So, up to 8 hours of use shouldn’t be a problem.

Xiaomi Waterproof case

Earlier Xiaomi has launched a 40m Waterproof Case for Xiaomi Yi Action Camera. Now the company comes in with another case for the 4K Sports camera. It has an IP68 certificate that means we are dealing with a waterproof and dustproof shell. Seems nothing special, but this case comes with a vacuum plating. The latter features an anti-reflective film as well as a nano-level hydrophobic anti-fog film. It’s priced at 99 yuan ($15), and will go on sale on the same date with the aforementioned accessory.

Xiaomi Waterproof case

Earlier this year, on June 28 the company announced the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector providing a 150-inch TV experience. Thanks to an innovative technology developed by the manufacturer and called ALPD3.0, this amazing laser projector enhances the intensity, contrast, and brightness of the image. Identical projectors are made by Japanese manufacturers, but they are priced at 30.000 yuan ($4512). So it turns out Xiaomi offers a similar product for a lower price tag of 9999 yuan ($1504). It will go on sale on November 1.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

If talking about the traditional TVs, due to LCD panel process restrictions 70 inches is the largest size we can see on home TVs. Of course, you can find a few 100-inch TVs but they will cost a fortune. So in all those cases, when you want to get a larger screen home theater experience, you should look for projectors. But they require difficult installation skills and provide short lamp life. These are the main reasons why they are not popular for this deal.

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Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

The Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector uses an ultra-short focus laser design. So when placing too close to the wall, you can cast a 50-inch screen. But if you want to get a larger screen of 150 inches, just put it 50cm away from the wall. Apart of this, this product uses a large depth-of-field optical lens supplied by the Japanese Ricoh (0.233: 1). According to the official statement, the laser projector’s maximum brightness can reach up to 5000 lumens as well as static contrast ratio does up to 3000: 1.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

However, the selling point of this projector is the picture clarity and color reproduction. As we said, it uses the new APLD 3.0 advanced laser fluorescent display technology corresponding to the professional film industry lighting standard design.

Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector

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