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Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Youth Edition For $329.99 [Free Shipping To Europe]

China’s innovative tech company Xiaomi has continually proven that it isn’t a genius only in smartphones and mobile gadgets but in other cool aspects that centers on our comfort and entertainment. One product which the company released which took the market by storm is the M365 Foldable Smart Electric scooter launched in December last year. The product has since gone on to win several awards including the German IF Design award.Xiaomi's M365 Folding Electric Scooter

What you probably don’t know is that there is a Youth Edition which has exactly the same design, same size, same dimension as the Mi M365. The major difference between the two editions is the mileage range. WHile the M365 can travel up to 30KM on a single charge, the Youth edition seems to be capable of reaching 15km to 20KM. This means it has a lesser battery capacity than the higher variant. This equally translates to a lower price tag which is pegged at $329.99 from LightInTheBox with free shipping.


The Xiaomi M365 Youth edition electric motor scooter comes with a cool design with a minimalist geometric design. The scooter features a body built from aircraft-grade aluminum which gives it a weight of just 12.5kg, ensuring the battery doesn’t too much load to pull and that translates to a longer battery life. The M365 packs a highly secured Lithium battery and is touted as capable of traveling up to a 20 km distance. The device is portable and also foldable and can be unfolded and started in one minute just like its sibling.Xiaomi's M365 Folding Electric Scooter

In addition, the M365 Electric scooter comes with advanced E – ABS dual braking system, kinetic energy recovery system, cruise control system and intelligent BMS system, and you can analyze the data relating to battery power, battery cell health and other parameters from your smartphone, making it a smart companion.

You can get this now for just $329.99 but unfortunately it oonly seems to ship to Europe presently and shipping is free to Europe as well. If you need the Xiaomi Eletric scooter outside Europe, with just a few bucks more, you can get the M365 Electric scooter from LightInTheBox for $379.99 as well. Buy now using the button below.

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