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Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Bright Blue Unboxing

The latest top-notch products coming our way from Xiaomi were unveiled on September 11. Among them were the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 and the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. But there was one more device making all of us recall the beauty of the Xiaomi Mi 6. If you are a devoted Mi fan, you understand I am talking about the Xiaomi Mi Note 3. This handset doesn’t continue the beloved look and features of its predecessor. Instead, it is considered as the larger version of the most powerful Mi phone, the Mi 6. However, there have been made some changes in comparison to its founding father. So we should take a closer look at its appearance and features. The best way to do this is the unboxing photos. Enjoy the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Bright Blue version.

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

Like the Mi 6 this phone sports a flat screen at 5.5 inches. Thus there are no curvatures on edges. As for the back panel, it still uses the four-sided curved glass body. But the stainless steel frame is replaced with a 7 series of aviation aluminum. This replacement has an impact on the weight. If the 5.15-inch screen Xiaomi Mi 6 weighs 182 grams, the larger screen Mi Note 3 weighs only 163 grams. Moreover, it’s lighter by 25 grams than the iPhone 7 Plus.

The key features of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 don’t have anything common with the Mi 6. The only similarity can be seen only in the rear camera module. As you remember, the current flagship of the company sports two lenses with model numbers of Sony IMX 386 and Samsung s5k3m3. Plus, this camera supports 4-axis OIS and optical zoom. However, the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 should be capable of taking better photos due to an upgraded camera algorithm. By the way, Xiaomi claims the Xiaomi Mi 6 algorithm will be updated as well.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 also sports a 16MP front camera that is in a deep cooperation with AI providing 2um synthetic large pixel known as makeup beauty. It supports sub-regional landscaping strategy, 226 bones RBI, and 3D shaping face-lift. In this sense, the Mi Note 3 is packed with the way better camera sensors than the XIaomi Mi MIX 2 launched at the same event.

Well, the hardware of the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is impressive but not the best. In this sense, the Mi MIX 2 is a beast featuring a Snapdragon 835 chip and an 8GB of RAM. To avoid production capacity problems the manufacturer has decided to pack its flagship with a Snapdragon 660 chip. This SoC has been announced along with the Snapdragon 630. These processors are considered to be the upgrades for the Snapdragon 653 and 625, respectively. But if there is no big difference between the SND625 and SND630, we can’t say the same for the next two models. Unlike the SND653 the SND660 uses 14nm process node. This is the main reason why the Snapdragon 660-powered devices have nothing common with Snapdragon 653-powered models.

The next astonishing feature on the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is the screen. Though it’s not curved, it still provides great viewing performance due to a 1080p resolution, with eye protection (550nit highlight screen + sun screen) and 1nit ultra-dark night screen and 4096 intelligent backlight control support.

It’s worthy to mention the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 supports face unlock at a very fast speed. This can be very useful in all those cases when you hold your hands with wet hands or gloves.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 price tags are as follow:

  • 6GB + 64GB in Black – 2,499 yuan ($383),
  • 6GB + 128GB in Black – 2,899 ($444),
  • 6GB + 128GB in Blue – 2,999 yuan ($460).

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